Thanks for the commentary…

I want to tell you how grateful I am for all of the kind comments that have been made lately. They mean more to me than I can really express.

For me, probably the most difficult part of this infertility journey is the isolation. So few people in my real life know about our fertility problems (and I wish some of them DIDN’T know—I’m looking at you mother-in-law!) and it seems to take up such a large part of my emotional energy that I end up feeling a tremendous disconnect between my internal and external lives. People ask how I am or what’s new, and all I can think about is the very thing that I don’t want to tell them.

This is in large part why I started blogging. I wanted—needed—to be able to be “real” somewhere in my life. Over the last few months I realized I would have fake blog posts bouncing around my head, and I would often find myself thinking, “If I had a blog, I would write about this.” I also saw the connections made between bloggers and the support that they were able to offer each other and I really wanted that.

So, thank you. Every comment helps me to feel a little less alone.


5 responses to “Thanks for the commentary…

  1. Now you will start saying to yourself, “I have to go blog about this!”

    I hope you get as much out of blogging as I have. It’s been amazing.

  2. Found your blog through Stirrup Queens. Just wanted to let you know I love your title and it’s message of feeling and knowing the world through all five senses.

  3. So glad you’ve found support from the wonderful women in the IF blogosphere! I enjoy your writing style so much…you’re fantastic at putting your thoughts/feelings into script. 🙂

  4. I completely agree about not feeling alone. I’m new to blogging but already feel supported, understood, and like can just be myself – which with all these drugs – is up and down day by day. Enjoying your story. Thanks for putting it out there.

  5. I do that too! I’ll be writing blogs in my head, sometimes EVEN as the event is still happening! It’s kinda crazy. . . but the support I have found through blogging is the only thing keeping me sane. After last year’s failed attempts, Mo and I decided to keep this round of treatment quiet. Since I’ve been blogging, I no longer have that constant desire to tell everyone around me about what I’m going through — which I’m sure makes me more pleasant in real life.

    I love your positive outlook, and if I can support you or be there in any way, I will be.

    🙂 Jo

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