show and tell: bestest friends

As things have been getting somewhat, ahem, heavy, around here, I thought that I would join in the showing and telling to shake things up a bit.  (See who else is shaking things up at the head of the class here.)

So for your reading and viewing pleasure, I give you, my dog, Miss Famous (the little black mutt), and her best friend, S (the Husky).

Miss Famous and S play together, usually IMG_0627in our yard, because they will generally escape from S’s yard if they are together, though Sdoes not get out of her own yard if she is alone.  Miss Famous tends to have a bad influence on other dogs this way.  She used to play with another dog, Blackberry, and the same thing happened there, too.  Blackberry was fine by herself in her yard, but put Miss Famous in there with her, and all of a sudden, you’ve got two little black dogs on the loose in the neighborhood.  Needless to IMG_0627say, my neighbors know who I am, and who my dog is.  Good thing she’s cute (and friendly).

The pictures here were taken on a day that S kept getting out, and it turned out that this sweet, sweet dog (who I always thought was a little dumb to tell you the truth) was opening the latch on the gates by herself with her nose (I saw her do it).  So, not so dumb after all, I guess.

Well, enough people have saved my dog enough times, so I just kept her in my house (which was an adventure) until her owner came home.  We have now worked out a solution IMG_0631and she can no longer open the gates, much to her chagrin, I’m sure.  I’m just happy that it’s not always my dog who’s the neighborhood troublemaker.

Oh, yeah.  And even though that Husky is like three times her size, Miss Famous is TOTALLY the boss.  I’ve seen her take treats right out of S’s mouth.  Literally.  And S loves her anyway.  She’s a mess and a half, that one.  And by that I mean both of them.



19 responses to “show and tell: bestest friends

  1. Love the pictures! S has beautiful eyes.

    I’ve got a little dog who likes to roam and visit the neighbors too. :0)

  2. Blogger ate my first comment! I wanted to know what their names meant. Is ____ Hebrew?

  3. How cute! Those pictures are too funny! Good job, Miss Famous on being the boss! Us little one always have to keep the bigger ones in check ;o)
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. What pretty names–what do they mean? Is it Shefa as in the Hebrew word?

  5. How cute 🙂 And what a great story, how sneaky opening the latch!

  6. Miss Famous and S are sweet…did you notice how bright the eyes of Suka are shining in one of the pics…almost burning through and yet one gets the impression that Miss Famous has the dog wrapped around its paw! Wonderful!

  7. Cute doggies. Its amazing what they can do when they put their minds to it.

  8. I love dogs. That is a cute story.

  9. Awww. Sweet. My Jack LOVES his doggie-buddies…and they do get in the most trouble when they are together!

  10. I love your doggie pics! Couple of trouble makers but usually those make the best friends!

    Beautiful Husky!

  11. How cute are they?

    I have always had a soft spot for Husky’s.

  12. Aww, what cuties! I miss having pets around.

  13. Ooooh. Dogs. I’m totally a dog-person. But I’m too lazy to care for one so I like to love on other people’s dogs (i.e. my parents’ dog, friend’s dog etc.). Soooo cute.

  14. I love those pictures! What a friendly dog you have there…and very cute too.

  15. Oh they’re so cute! My dog I had growing up had a best friend down the street and would sometimes escape to go for a playdate. Luckily, she was a cute dog too.


  16. Our little puppy is less than half the size of his “big sister” — but he definitely rules the roost! I, too, have seen him take treats right out of her mouth. He’s been the “alpha” since we’ve brought him home — kind of unexpected, but quite hilarious at times!

  17. Funny, those dogs, because they are smart enough to keep us thinking they are a little dumb, yes?

    Cute story..thanks for sharing

  18. Precious pups!

    I hope you had a peaceful weekend. Your in my thoughts.

  19. ick – typo! “you’re” in my thoughts.

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