Show and Tell: Edition

Regular readers of this blog (you see how I made a little joke there?*) 🙂 may be surprised that I have chosen to go the “show and tell” route so early in the game.  The truth is, I’ve been trying to write those angsty, emotion-filled, explanatory posts and they’re just not coming.  Hence, show and tell.

If you know much about the flora of my geographical region, the content of this post will likely tell you where I am.  That is a-ok with me.  First of all, I really doubt that Mr. X–would have found this blog.  Second, it will only be a matter of time before X knows where I am anyway.  In fact he likely knows already.  So no biggie.  So on to the showing and telling.

This morning I broke the law.  Nothing that would get me thrown in the slammer or anything, just a little trespassing.  Here’s a picture of the fence that I went through to do said trespassing:


I was hoping that the blu.ebonnets on the other side of the fence would be better than on my parents’ side.  This year they’ve been pretty puny in this area due to lack of rain.  (I’m writing the name of the flower that way so that people looking for pictures of them don’t stumble here by mistake.)  They were still puny on the other side of the fence, but at least there were more of them.  I was doing all of this traipsing around in search of a good shot for a new header photo for this blog.  Here’s one of the better shots I got this morning (most were definitely not worth sharing):


As a bonus, here’s a photo I took on Friday that I kind of like:IMG_0661

You can see if anyone else has been breaking any laws and showing and telling about it here.

*ETA:  Um, that was a joke because this was the 2nd post or so of the blog.  I had shut down the original blog, so most of the previous posts that are here now, weren’t there, then.  It makes much less sense, now, and quite possibly wasn’t as humorous as I thought it was even back then.  What can I say?

11 responses to “Show and Tell: Edition

  1. Oh that last one is really pretty! It’s like a beauty and the beast type of shot. I’ve been thinking about you so much, lately and am so happy that your safe. I hope that you’re able to heal and wh.ole.

  2. Great pics. I like the last one too.

  3. The flowers are gorgeous. I love them at the top of the blog–so cheerful!

    I also love that you are calling him ________. That’s just so perfect.

  4. *Sings a little Judas Priest*

    Beautiful shots! Hope you didn’t need a shot after going through that rusty barbed wire. I don’t think I have ever seen any Bluebonnets before.

  5. It makes me very happy to see my stateflower as the backdrop of your new blog! I love it, love it! Great pics!

  6. What beautiful pics!

    Are you a Harry Potter fan?

  7. Ha! I so don’t do geography so your location will always be safe with me! Gorgeous pics – and the sun, want more of that!!!

    angsty and emotional will come…

  8. I love the pic with the bluebonnet in front of the cactus and I absolutely LOVE the new nickname for the old jackass.

  9. those are beautiful…i love spring!

  10. Very pretty blue bonnets. I like that one with the cactus.

  11. Hello there! Loved that you broke the law….I just am so attracted to myriad shades of blue lately. It is gorgeous..And…

    there is no rule as to when to take the Show and Tell jump, and no one can force emotions from your blog, if they are not a-coming. Take your own time. Be at your own comfort. Your blog is your space, and you are what you are here!

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