Show and Tell: Miss Famous’ New Digs

Victoria requested doggy stories/updates, and, really, who could tell Victoria “no?”

I’m partly calling her Miss Famous to help my mom remember that she is all girl and not the boy-dog that she keeps trying to make her (she refers to her as he, him, etc.).

So Miss Famous has adjusted pretty quickly and enjoys having an eleven year old with ADHD around to play with every day and a 2 year old to chase around a couple of times a week. 🙂

Here’s where she sleeps (the ratty orange blanket is the same “bed” she’s had since the old house, and, yes, that is a closet she’s sleeping in, but, no, there are no doors on it):


There are a couple of things that are not as easy here.  The first is that there is no fenced in yard and I am a bit paranoid about losing Her Dogginess, so off-leash time is extremely limited (we are a bit out in the country and dogs here are generally off-leash).  The other is that her window time is more limited than in the old house.  In the old place she had a big bay window, that was “her” window and she would basically sit there all day and watch the world go by when she wasn’t in her big fenced-in yard or on a walk.  Here the windows are higher and she is not allowed on the furniture, so she can’t see out as much, but she does do this:


And also this:


See who else is showing and telling over at Mel’s.

21 responses to “Show and Tell: Miss Famous’ New Digs

  1. Glad to hear your seder-ish went well, this is just the start of a whole new chapter. Ms. Famous is adorable – sorry you have no fence right now, but it is great she is with you.

  2. If I had any carpentry skills at all, I would make Miss Famous her own furniture so she can sit by the window.

  3. Poor miss famous! She’ll adjust though, doggies are very good at adapting. She is beautiful 🙂

  4. Miss Famous is a cutie. She seems very curious.

  5. I understand the no fence situation… I hope Miss Famous adapts well for you. My westie is often found doing the same thing out the window… we don’t have a screen for our huge front door.

  6. Love the pics. I’m glad to hear that both you and Miss Famous seem to be adjusting.

    When you are ready, I also can’t wait to hear your “backstory.” When you are ready — not before. No pressures from me.

    I think about you often, even when I don’t comment. You are in my prayers.


  7. She looks so sweet. She’ll adjust to her limitations – because people are more important than places.

  8. Awww, thanks for taking up my “suggestion”!! She is a really cute pup and I am sure she’ll adjust in no time — she’ll be happy as long as she’s with you. My Charlie sleeps in a closet without a door, I think she likes the den-like feel to it. If I ever figure out how to get photos off the digital camera I’ll post some so you can see. 🙂

  9. What a very sweet pup! I so miss having dogs around. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  10. What a beautiful dog. I’m glad she is adjusting to the new situation.

  11. She’s such a cutie.

  12. Awww Miss Famous- I hope you settle down in your new environs soon!

  13. Shes so cute. We had a cat rescue once that slept in our closet on an old blanket too. I think it makes them feel safe. I’m sure she will adjust to her new surroundings soon.

  14. I like Mel’s idea of a Miss Famous door.

    Great pix!

  15. We moved last summer and our lucy had to readjust all her spots. She lost her fenced in yard but luckily we are getting a fence next week. She has adjusted and actually has some better views than at the previous house.

  16. She’s so cute! I’m glas that everyone is settling in! 🙂

  17. What cute pics! I love the one of Miss Famous standing up on her hind legs. She looks so intent; she’s adorable.

  18. We also have no fence, but we have one of those wireless collars that zaps them when they get too close to the perimeter. It works really well, but you just have to watch that the batteries aren’t dead. It also doesn’t require that we walk them all the time, as they can run and play and chase squirrels and bunny rabbits. (Don’t worry, my two are too slow and smushy-nosed to ever actually catch one.)

  19. Miss Famous is beautiful. I don’t know if she is the same as our pets but, you could run out to the petstore and purchase an actual pet bed…but they’ll never use it. Instead they’ll choose the towel on the floor in the closet anyday!

  20. How old is Miss Famous? 🙂 She’s adorable. How are you?

  21. So sweet…pups are resilient creatures, I’m sure she’ll adjust just fine. Big (((HUGS))) for you and Miss Doggy!

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