show and tell: the boot is back

I had been having foot pain for a while, so before the “big move” (aka the out of state escape) I promised the friend that helped me leave that I would start wearing the boot  once I reached my destination.  I’m pretty sure it’s a stress fracture, as I’ve had two confirmed in the last two years; this would make #3 in less than 3 years.  The problem is a combination of some previous foot pain issues (unrelated to the stress fractures), my adjusted walking because of that pain, which puts too much pressure on different parts of my feet, and my tendency to ignore my pain.  Yes, we’ll say that last one again.  My tendency to ignore my pain.  This last one we’re working on especially hard, classmates, and not just on my feet.

Here it is, the mighty boot:

As I said, I’m pretty sure that I have a stress fracture , as I know what they feel like, but I don’t want to shell out the dough to confirm it with an MRI.  The treatment in the past was to wear the boot for a few weeks, so that’s what I’m doing.  If the pain is still there after my boot regimen, OF COURSE I’ll see a doctor.  For now, I’m bootin’ it.

See who else is sharing about their medical maladies this week over at Mel’s.


4 responses to “show and tell: the boot is back

  1. I hope it’s not a fracture! Goodluck.

  2. Hope the boot takes care of the pain. Be careful and be gentle with yourself.

  3. Three in three years….that’s totally ouch!

    You should go see a doctor…have the boot but seek medical opinion as well…Have you been asked to take Calcium supplements?

  4. UHG The Boot! I had to wear one of those. They are uncomfortable and clumsy. I hope your foot feels better after wearing The Boot for a few weeks and there’s no need to shell out money for an MRI.

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