your questions, answered

So there have been some questions in the comments, and I’m never really sure how to handle them (should I answer in the comments?  Email the commenter?  Write a comment on their blog?).  Some of these, I’ve already answered the people who asked them, but some I haven’t, but I just thought I’d do a mishmosh post of the few questions I found going back through the long history of this blog. 🙂  There are a couple of fluffy questions and a couple of heavy ones–here they are:

FatChick asked:  When you were with X, did you feel really happy? Really sad? Really ANYTHING?  A friend I recently talked to worded this the best, I think.  She said, “You must have been dying inside.”  I think I was, but there was that whole denial thing going on, so I would grab onto any “good” moment (or any moment that was at least not terrible) and convince myself that things weren’t so bad.  I also kept myself really busy, really distracted, and really numbed out (do you remember any of my posts on the old blog about the compulsive eating?).  Mostly numbed out, I think, actually.  But like I said in a recent post, as hard as all of this leaving and divorce stuff is, all of the uncertainty, all of the recovery stuff, I know know know that this is so much better than what I was in before.

WiseGuy asked (re: my possible stress fracture):  Have you been asked to take Calcium supplements?  I was not told that I needed them, but I started taking them on my own, because, this is really making me start to wonder.  Once I get all my health insurance craziness worked out–there may be a delay with the COBRA–I hope to talk to a doctor about this problem.  I think the problem has more to do with my unbalanced walking than anything else, but you never know.

Erica asked two questions:  How old is Miss Famous?  She turned three years old sometime in March, is the best guess (she’s a shelter dog, so nothing is certain). Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Oh, you better believe it.

Sally (no blog given) asked:  You say he wasn’t physically abusive, but yet you were afraid of him. What were you afraid would happen?  Back in the beginning, I think I was just afraid that he would leave me.  Later, I’m not sure what I was afraid of, I just know that I was really afraid of his anger.  I attributed this to my “issues” for a long time, but now I see this as something healthy, kind of a warning system:  fear of crazy people’s anger.  He’s not the first crazy person who I’ve been afraid of when they’ve been angry (which is why I attributed it to my issues).


5 responses to “your questions, answered

  1. You know…I love these completely normal posts from you because they show how far you have already come.

  2. Oooh, I did realize we could *ask* questions! I have a few – but you know you don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to or feel like it or if it is none of my business.

    1) Are you living in the house you grew up in? If so, is it your old room? If so, did your parents change the room or is it the same when you lived there? (I think I am fascinated by this because I never had a “childhood home” due to frequent moves, etc.)

    2) What are your work plans? I am not rushing you, just curious about your plans. I remember from your old blog that your job required you to visit pregnant and postpartum women to provide education / nutrition info and you said that you didn’t exactly enjoy it. I am wondering if you are going to take this as an opportunity to try something else and if so, what are you thinking?

    I am sure I have more but I’ll start with those. 🙂 And I think it is an excellent idea to create a post in response to questions. I always wonder if I should post a reply in the comments (do people come back to read them?) or email the person directly. Or do both?

    Sorry this is so wordy. I’m done now. Really.

  3. Victoria made me laugh, too! YAY for Harry Potter! Since I came into your world later then some, it’s good to read these, because then I feel as if I know you better.

  4. You know, I think we all die inside. That is, unless we have the strength, courage and bravery to make a huge change. Kudos to you for making the change.

    And Harry Potter ROCKS!

  5. I remember that whole denial thing. I spent so much time focusing on the good moments hoping to forget the bad moments.

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