Oh, sure, I’ll send it right out…

I just got an email from Mr. X’s step-dad, telling me to send him my engagement ring (which had belonged to his mother) along with a necklace that X’s mom had given me.

Um, inappropriate?


12 responses to “Oh, sure, I’ll send it right out…

  1. Why bring the parents into it or why do some parents feel the need to be involved? Of course both sides are going to have their opinions, but maybe they should stay out of it. Sorry, I totally went off on a rant. I say you send it to them…after you’ve melted down the gold. Yes I’m mean ;o)

  2. Based on my extensive watching of Judge Judy, I can say that those items are yours to keep (if you want them). She would tell you that you could be a nice person and give them back, but you’re under no legal obligation. So, if you feel a nice “Fuck off, asshole!” coming on, let it fly!

  3. I am in agreement – those are yours to keep. However, if you want to give them back I would wait until after the divorce is final. (Or maybe this becomes a negotiating point in the divorce settlement and you don’t want to give up any leverage.)

    Way to send his parents to do his dirty work.

  4. Ugh, that’s terrible.

  5. Ya know…I say you earned those pieces. I think I would find a nice jeweler and have them melted down and fashioned into something you like. Then, be sure they somehow hear about it…bwahahahaha.

  6. /\/\ Then tell them you have no idea where it is. You just moved 1000 miles, right? Tell them you threw it out the window and add in a fuck you, asshole while you’re at it. What a p____. You fill in the blank. How old is he? And he’s still having his parents come and break up his fights? Tell him to grow the fuck up, from me.

  7. What a lying, no good, whiny ass, pussy-fied sac of shit. Sorry, couldn’t contain it anymore.

  8. Un-fucking-believable. That’s all I have to say. I agree with the pp’s. You’ve earned them, and you have no obligation at all to give them back. If you hadn’t been asked, it might have been a nice gesture on your part. But asking? Uh, no.

  9. you have got to be shittin me!

  10. Did I ever tell you what I did with my ex-boyfriend’s class ring? This was in high school and I went to an all-girls school and he went to an all-boys school, so you can imagine just how important it was that a boy gave me his class ring. Well, my father exiled me to Florida (because he hated the boy), and you know what the boy did in my absence? HE SLEPT WITH MY FRIEND. So you know what I did? I sold that ring – that the boy had paid for all by himself. I sold it for $40 for the gold, even though a pawn shop offered me more (but I wanted to make damn sure that the ring was going to be melted, and they said that they’d resell it). I took that $40 and got a nose ring.

  11. Oh, and ditto all the other obsenities. In fact, if I were you, here’s what I’d do: Every vacation I took, I’d get a picture of my hand with the ring on it with an iconic landmark in the background. Let them know that their precious ring is getting to see the sights!

  12. Ok the timing is inappropriate and to demand via e-mail is sucky.

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