Were you looking for Victoria?

One of my all time favorite bloggy people is Victoria–she has been around since the old blog and she asked a few questions a while back, and I have been very aware that I wasn’t answering them in a timely fashion–sorry Victoria!    But, see, this way, you get a lot more attention!  🙂  Below are Victoria’s questions, and no, of course, I’m not taking time to write this post because I’m putting off the next and hopefully final installment in the wearingly long story of “how I left Mr. X.”  (Of course not.  Who would do such a thing?)

1) Are you living in the house you grew up in? If so, is it your old room? If so, did your parents change the room or is it the same when you lived there? (I think I am fascinated by this because I never had a “childhood home” due to frequent moves, etc.)

So right now I am living in the house I grew up in.  I am not currently staying in my old room but I soon will be.  I am helping my mom “fix up” the house, and my old bedroom is mostly being used for storage right now (though it is technically the “nicer” guest room).  In the next couple of weeks I believe Miss Famous and I will move into my childhood bedroom, but it is not anything like when I was younger (different furniture, paint, curtains, soon to be different floor, etc.).  There is just a feeling in general, though, just about being in this house–not a bad feeling at all.  It is very comforting, though at other times in my life it would have felt very much like a failure to “come home to Mom and Dad’s.”  Right now, I can’t really imagine where else I would be.  I figure that it will be a good sign (of my recovery) when I no longer want to live here.  For now, I’m good.  Things aren’t perfect, but they’re really good.

2) What are your work plans? I am not rushing you, just curious about your plans. I remember from your old blog that your job required you to visit pregnant and postpartum women to provide education / nutrition info and you said that you didn’t exactly enjoy it. I am wondering if you are going to take this as an opportunity to try something else and if so, what are you thinking? I am sure I have more but I’ll start with those.

Yeah.  Work plans.  Yeah.  So I haven’t really got any plans, so to speak, at the moment.  I have my master’s in social work and I speak Spanish, so there should be plenty of opportunity in either social work and/or Spanish-speaking jobs.  In the state I’m in, I have to pass a licensure exam before I can work as a social worker.  I never took the test here before, because I moved right after graduating to another state.  My first step would be to look into taking the licensure exam.  The truth is, I’m not sure that I can do social work for a while, or if I do social work, it probably needs to be something very different than the kind of things that I’ve done before.  I have found myself to be a bit, um, fragile, lately when it comes to hearing about others’ pain…

Right now I am not working.  I have money in the bank from what I was able to salvage from the joint checking account (i.e. not much) and from my last two paychecks at work (a bit more).  Thankfully, I am not having to touch that money right now, as my parents are paying my way.  It is a strange feeling, and I am fully aware of how lucky/priviledged/blessed I am to be in my situation.  They don’t want me to have to use my money until I have some more coming in.  So they are paying whatever expenses I have until that time (like health insurance).  And I am so incredibly grateful, because, I guess I probably could do it on my own (maybe?), but it’s just so much better that I don’t have to.

My eleven-year-old niece also lives with my parents (they have custody of her–long story), so I guess you could say that they take in strays.  The niece is kind of like a whirlwind of activity, as ADHD kids tend to be.  She sure loves her aunt, and I’m really glad she’s around a lot, but I’m also glad when she goes to stay with my sister for a day or two.  🙂

As I said above, I have been helping my mom “fix up” her house.  Up until now, that has mostly consisted of decluttering, which is no small task as she lives with a champion packrat–my dad, and she and my dad act like children of the depression, so they tend to save everything, anyway.  This week we’ll paint her bedroom, after that, I think we’re moving on to the garage (a.k.a. the place where we put the things we don’t know what do with), which is kind of a nightmare, but that’s a story for another day.  So my mom says that this is my job right now.  I have finally started having a few thoughts about maybe looking into starting to study for my licensure test, which is not exactly a firm committment, I know, but it’s progress.  So, I’m not going into the office every day, but I’m not lying in bed all day, brooding, either.  And, if I need some time off, that’s not really a problem, my boss is pretty cool about it.  🙂


4 responses to “Were you looking for Victoria?

  1. Woot! Thanks for answering all my questions! It sounds like fun, living at your parents house, having all your bills paid! Are you going to start staying out late and getting in trouble with the law? 🙂

    I kid! But seriously, I am glad your parents are able to help you out like this because, while you could do this on your own, it is so much better to feel loved and cared for by your family. You need that right now.

    Thanks for the shout out! I’ll send you more questions soon. For now I need to run home and get ready for a big dinner party.

  2. I honestly don’t know how people in your situation (or my sister when she was there) do it without family support.

    And, it sounds like you are earning your keep;)

  3. So glad you have your parents support. It sounds like you are having some good recovering time with them – hope it rejuvenates you!

  4. Personal Mom Assistant? I wish my mom would let me do that in my spare time, I ‘d start by getting rid of the clutter that is her new husband. Moron. Educated far beyond his intelligence level. SMOKER. ETC. Anyway, it sounds like a good, relaxing gig for the time being. Good luck on the exam! And thanks for warding off evil-doers from my pensieve, as well.

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