some random thoughts in the name of getting back on the blogging horse

♦  I am very different from my family.  If we’re talking colors, they’re red and I’m blue.  They’re like, deep crimson red and I’m bleeding heart blue, if you get my drift.  This is very good for me, for all of us, to live together and respect each other and love each other despite our differences.  When I was growing up, we were never really around anyone different, who thought differently, who really challenged us and then still had a relationship with us.  Though I do keep my mouth shut a lot, in the name of domestic harmony.  🙂

♦  Dealing with my food/body stuff is kind of interesting/hard here at mom’s, the very place where I learned to have disordered eating to begin with.  It’s also hard to not have total control over the foods available to me (though she’ll buy them for me, but I have issues with asking all the time for stuff…).  It’s hard to hear people talking about being on diets and being fat (I’m fatter, anyway) all the time.  I read a great post a while back on one of my favorite blogs ever that talked about some of the stuff I’m thinking about with my food/body struggles.  It says it much more eloquently than I ever could.

♦  It is so strange to see how different my two sisters and I have turned out.  We kind of look alike, and have similar mannerisms, but if you would look at our lives, I don’t think you would ever guess we were sisters.  My older sister, who is currently managing her bip.olar disorder really well, struggles economically and lives in an apartment with her husband and 2-year-old.  My parents have custody of her older daughter.  She and her husband work all the time to make ends meet.  My younger sister is a stay at home mom in a five bedroom super-fancy house, has a housekeeper a couple of times a week, her husband has his own business, three daughters, no money problems other than what to spend it on, etc.  Once I get my act together (whenever that will be), financially I should be somewhere between the two of them, comfortable, but in no way rich (do YOU know any rich social workers?).  Funny that we all grew up in the same house with the same parents.

♦  Sometimes I have a hard time getting on the computer, as my mom is addicted to computer solitaire and mahjong.  Kinda funny.

♦  My sisters and I are planning a surprise party for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary on June 14th.  Actually, my older sister is doing pretty much everything, which will be the biggest part of the surprise for my parents.

♦  I have about ten blog posts rattling around in my head and just didn’t know where to start, hence, this randomness.  I’m going to try to get something more substantive together before mom starts playing mahjong again.  🙂


4 responses to “some random thoughts in the name of getting back on the blogging horse

  1. My sisters and myself are very different, as well. Differences make everything interesting, though. As long as it’s respectful, of course! Glad you can find time to blog, I love reading your words.

  2. It really is so interesting how different we can be from our families. Every time I spend extended periods of time with mine, I seek reassurance that I am, in fact, quite different from them. Doesn’t make me love them less, of course, but it is good to remember that we’re not bound in some cosmic way to be the same.

  3. Nice to read about you…from the looks of your post…yeah, looks like your sisters did turn out at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

    I love blue too! : )

    Somebody once told me that your five fingers belong to your hand, but none of them are identical….like there are sensitive adults wrought out of difficult childhood and rotten adults out of a pampered childhood – nothing really prepares for what the adulthood would bring out with the same parenting!


    P.S. All the best for the anniversary party!

  4. This is my first time here, and I’m touched by your story.

    I too run very blue, and come from a red family. A red county, even. I can definitely sympathize with you having to keep your mouth shut in the name of domestic harmony – I do it too whenever I’m around my family (that was hard to learn though).


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