Show and Tell: A boy and my dog

The rest of the class is over at Mel’s showing and telling to their heart’s delight–you should check them out.

When the nephew happens to be here when the school bus drops off his sister, his excitement is a sight to see.  Miss Famous is always here at that time and her excitement is always palpable.  When you get them together for my niece’s arrival?  Well…see for yourself:



15 responses to “Show and Tell: A boy and my dog

  1. Love it! Miss Famous is great…and the kiddo is so cute waiting for his sis.

  2. Cutest darn thing I have seen all day!

    What a great picture!

  3. That is hysterical. What a great shot 🙂

  4. Thank you for this! How sweet. One of my favorite pics is of my daughter and my god-daughter standing waiting to for a wedding to start when they were flower girls together – also shot from behind.

  5. Oh..what a lucky niece! That picture is so great! Where did he lose his trousers though? I love the way he is standinf!

  6. rosesdaughter

    This is a great picture! 🙂

  7. Awww. I love that picture. 🙂

  8. You need to save that for the high school graduation montage! How sweet!

  9. That is such a cute picture! I love it!

  10. That’s way cute.

  11. They are exactly the same height! Not for long, I’m sure.

  12. Oh My! That would be 8×10, black and white ON MY WALL!!!

  13. That should be on a wall calendar. Precious in so many ways.

  14. Aww how adorable! They’re like boy/doggy twins! I love it!

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