Perfect Moment Monday: flower power

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Since my foot has healed, I’ve been able to start walking again.  I’ve been walking almost everyday, and it has been good to finally be able to move around again.  To be perfectly honest, these walks can often be emotionally uncomfortable, as somehow the physical movement seems to shake loose some uncomfortable thoughts that can too easily get pushed aside the rest of the day.  I often cry during the walks.  I often get really angry.  But they are good, and I’m living in a beautiful place.

So, about that.  The wildflowers we are known for around here (bluebonnets) in April-early May were  not exactly stellar this year, thanks to a lack of rain.  There hasn’t exactly been flood conditions since then, but there have been a few showers, and so the wildflowers that come after that time have been more robust.  (Um, we think that wildflowers are REALLY important in this part of the world.   Or maybe it’s just my family.  Whatever.  🙂 )

The other day I was having one of my angsty walks and suddenly I was struck by the absolute beauty of the moment in the midst of my pain.  The flowers planted in their  drought-plagued soil seemed to be mirroring what I could be–more than surviving my own drought, but doing what I was meant to be doing in the face of harsh circumstances, and finding beauty there, as well.  (I went back home and got my camera.)



This one really shows the dry ground beneath the blooms:



10 responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: flower power

  1. How pretty!! I want some!

  2. I love perfect moments like this, where it’s not about what is happening TO you, but rather how you are experiencing your life.

    When you see the perfection, even in imperfection. I love that you showed me this today.


  3. Your photos of the flowers are beautiful. They almost look painted.

    Good for you for seeing the perfection in your life! Perfect!

  4. They are gorgeous. And, I love that we are getting to watch you blossom as you go through this all.

  5. How nice to see such beauty. It’s uplifting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love gallardia (the orange/red and yellow flowers)! We used to have some in our front flowerbed, but it got overtaken by some sage my husband planted. Sigh.

    Beautiful pictures. Beauty is everywhere – we just have to stop and take note.

  7. WOW! Those are so beautiful! I’ve cried on many walks. Something about being out and in your head at the same time. I hope it was healing for you.

  8. Beautiful pics.
    I love wildflowers!
    And I love how you look at things around you and can see more than what’s on the surface, and then see yourself and see how you grow!

  9. Flowers are gorgeous.

    For me, the quiet place that shakes everything loose is the car (I commute). I find that during my most turbulent times, I tend to turn the radio down to drown out the static, and just get lost in my thoughts. It is difficult sometimes, but it’s also when I have the most epiphanies, and lots of great ideas.

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