Show and Tell: Miss Famous’ Entourage

Check out what the rest of the class is showing and telling over at Mel’s.

This past weekend, we had a big family event here at chez Quiet Dreams, so all the out of town nieces were around to torture love on Miss Famous, along with the usual torture love she gets from the in-town niece and nephew.  Below are some pics from a walk we took to see the neighbor’s horse.  Miss Famous made me proud the whole weekend, but especially when her leash was held by tiny hands.




IMG_0982 - Copy


13 responses to “Show and Tell: Miss Famous’ Entourage

  1. Such sweet scenes! Miss Famous did you proud.

  2. Lovely! Miss Famous is so well-behaved….

  3. The kids are adorable. Miss Famous is so sweet. But, I want a better shot of that horse. What a gorgeous chestnut color? Is it an Arabian? I think I see a dished face.

  4. Such a sweet doggie 🙂

  5. Miss Famous is so cute! She did a great job letting little hands guide her.

  6. What a well behaved dog. She did so good. Your nieces and nephews are very cute as well.

  7. FUN! Way to go Miss Famous! Your dog is AMAZING! Although, I’m sure you already knew that ;o)

  8. Aw, how sweet. She behaves very well to have her leash held by little ones! Looks like a fun walk 🙂

  9. Looks like everyone had fun.

  10. What a lovely Miss Famous! And the kids look great too :-).

  11. DARLING! Oh my, that totally put a smile on my face.

  12. What a beautiful corner of the world. Miss Famous is a charmer. Thanks for the pics – they brightened up my morning.

  13. How sweet! I wish Miss Charlie would be better behaved around children. Mostly they just make her nervous and nippy. Thanks for sharing these photos. 🙂

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