jumping on the ABCs of me bandwagon

In honor of ICLW week, I am making a stab at finding something for every letter of the alphabet to describe something about me or my life.  (Also, there’s a “backstory page” up at the top, with links to some posts with, um, the backstory.)

So here goes:

A- is for awesome aunt.  Which I am.  Just ask my sisters’ kids. 🙂

B- is for body acceptance, another little corner of the blogosphere that I’m really into.  Some smart things going on over there.  It was actually also really intregal to the Great Escape as well, but that is a story for another day.

C- is for convert.  I converted to judaism before Mr. X and I got married.  The way I see things now, the marriage was a mistake, the conversion was not.

D- is for divorce, which is imminent, I hope.  That is, unless X makes the whole “divorce settlement process” too difficult.  We shall see.

E- is for early, which is when I like to arrive.

F- is for friends.  I have been reconnecting with so many old friends since splitting up with X and have really been loving it.  Once again I am a person with friends, who calls people and gets called (!), who goes out to see friends, and who has a life outside of a person who acts like he hates her.  This way is much better.

G- is for goofy giggle, which I have been told I have.  I disagree.  It’s merely unique.

H- is for Harry Potter.  Um, yes, I’m one of those (if you couldn’t tell by X’s alias), who love the whole Harry Potter craziness and was really sad to read the last of book seven.  But I am really looking forward to the upcoming movie–woot! [ETA:  In the old blog, X’s alias was taken from the Harry Potter books, and was the name of a not-so-nice guy.]

I- is for issues.  That is, my own issues, of which there are quite a few.  I would never have gotten in a relationship with Mr. X to begin with had I been a more emotionally healthy person, and I certainly wouldn’t have stayed in it for as long as I did if I had been healthier.  This is evidenced for me by the fact that as soon as I started to get healthy, the relationship fell apart.  None of this is to say that anything he did was my fault.  He is responsible for his own actions.  However, I would like to avoid falling into the same situation again, so I will be working on my myriad issues for the foreseeable future.

J- is for jittery, which is how I get if I have any caffeine.  I’m off the stuff now, unfortunately.  It’s so sad.  So, so sad.

K- is for kids.  Will I ever have any?  That is a good question.  It certainly will be a lifelong heartbreak if I don’t–but I am a damn good aunt.  Again, see “a.”

L- is for love.  (as in butterflies in your stomach kind)  Kind of makes me sick to my stomach to think about ever jumping in with that one again, but life is long (maybe), and only time will tell.  Maybe the stomachaches will go away.  (Maybe not, says the stomach.)

M- is for Miss Famous.  This is my mutt’s alias.  She is the true star of this blog.  Check out the “puppy love” post  or just about any Show and Tell post if you want pics.  She’s pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

N- is for 4 nieces and 1 nephew.  And they’re pretty cute, too.

O- is for outdoors, though it’s too bad that I live somewhere that is so darn hot in the spring/summer/fall, some say winter, too, but I guess it depends on the day. 🙂

P- is for potty mouth, which I have.  That surprises some old friends of mine, who knew me when I didn’t have the potty mouth.  Obviously I don’t talk that way around everyone (like my mom), but I have been known to drop an f-bomb or twelve if it’s called for.  I mean, shit.  I think maybe I’m making up for not cussing in middle school.

Q- is for my ne.tflix queue, which I love.

R- is for reading.  I have always been a bookworm (well, always since I learned to read), and I always feel a little lost if I’m not in the middle of a good book.

S- is for Spanish.  I studied it in college and speak it pretty well now.  I had the opportunity to live in Mexico for my junior year, which was an amazing experience.

T- is for Mr. X, the villian of the story.  The longer he’s out of the picture, the better I get. [ETA: Yes, so this made sense with his old alias, which started with “T.”]

U- is for unsure.  I am very unsure of my future, what I want to do with myself, when I’ll move out of mom and dad’s, etc.  I suppose, though, that we are all in an unsure situation, but some of us are just more aware of it than others.

V- is for vegetarian.  I’m not, but I’ve mostly been eating that way lately.

W- is for wordy.  I can get kind of wordy, especially when I write.  I actually think I’ve done pretty well on this post at keeping the word-count down 🙂 .

X- is for an x-rated movie, which I have never seen in my life.

Y- is for “y’all,” a word I say a lot.  Don’t hate.

Z- is for Zen Buddhist, what I would probably be, were I not Jewish, though I could probably combine them to a certain degree…right now I’ve got my hands full with the jewish, though.


13 responses to “jumping on the ABCs of me bandwagon

  1. Great job! I love it when you’re wordy, so keep em comin ;o) Happy ICLW!!!

  2. Net.flix is my newest favorite addiction. Being home all summer means I can catch up on all the movies I’ve been wanting to see — and not having to return them to the store means I can stay in my jammies the whole time!

    So many of these things on the list we have in common. I think if we had ever met in real life, we would be great friends. As it is, you have been a great online friend. I appreciate that more than you know!

    Thinking of you,

  3. Buenos días!

    Even though I will come fishing your blog, a little later again….I could not resist the ABCs!

  4. Oh how I wish I spoke Spanish. Considering like at least half to 3/4 of my patients are non English speaking (mostly spanish but also Hmong, Laotian, Mandarin, Punjabi, Whatever they speak in the Philipeans, and I’m sure there are a couple more in there) then at least I could talk to them a little bit.
    Oh and I have the potty mouth thing too. I worry that if I ever do have children their first word might be the F-bomb. Or shit.

  5. rosesdaughter

    Do you know that in all this time, I JUST got the [pseudonym] reference? LOL!

  6. Good job! The A-Z seems daunting to me, maybe I’ll try it next month. 🙂 I too love Netflix AND I’m so happy to have you and Miss Famous cheering me on! Thanks for the (first) comment. 🙂

  7. lol I say y’all too much too. I even type it. *gasp*

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I loved your list!
    Think next time i do ICLW I might also try and come up with an ABC list…

  9. You are never wordy! Even when I don’t comment, I always stop by to read.

    And I’m sorry for the lack of comments lately. You are totally in my thoughts and I am in awe of your courage and strength. I’ve just been very discombobulated lately.

  10. You aren’t just an awesome aunt. You are an awesome friend. I’m a total Harry Potter freak too. I mean, I’ve read books about the Harry Potter books.

  11. Loved this – so much I could relate to. I’ll continue following your amazing story.


  12. This is a very wordy post! A lot I could comment on…let’s see: first, I love that you are wordy because it helps me get to know you. Plus you are an excellent writer so it is a pleasure to read your blog.

    Q – I also love my net.flix queue and am currently watching Weeds.

    R – I am also an avid reader but I think you read a lot more than I do.

    Lastly – Harry Potter – I am also a fan of the books but not so much of the movies. Though, maybe that isn’t fair because I only watched part of the first one and haven’t tried the others…

    Thanks for posting this – this is a good way to get to know you better.

  13. Super cute ICLW intro. I might just have to borrow that one!

    Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your story during what must be a considerably difficult time. I wish you much luck with your new, happy and healthy life.


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