Perfect Moment Monday: auto-realization

Last week I went on a road trip and had a bit of car trouble.  It turned out not to be anything major, and nothing was harmed except my schedule (and my sleep), but there was a bit of stress for a while when I didn’t know if it was going to turn out to be something major (i.e. expensive and time consuming).

It wasn’t until the day after I got back home (much later in the night than I had originally intended), than the thought struck me:  not once during all of the car-drama did I have the thought, “Boy I wish X were here.”  Not once.  At no point did I even feel like something was going to happen and I wouldn’t be able to handle it.  The biggest stress was inconvenience and expense.  Even if I had broken down by the side of the road, I know I could have handled it.  During this car “crisis” I had no moment of wanting him around to rescue me*, I was just fine with the help that came my way on my own.

And that was perfect.

*In fact, if he had been there, things would likely have been much more stressful, as I would have been not only having to worry about the car, but his moods as well.

14 responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: auto-realization

  1. What a brilliant and powerful realization! You are really coming into your own. How great that you are reclaiming your power AND that you are aware of it!

  2. Progress! Definitely, progress. 🙂

  3. What a great realization. How freeing.

  4. That’s such an empowering moment… when you realize that you CAN do it on your own. Good for you!


  5. That is wonderful! Slowly but surely you are getting stronger and thriving.

  6. rosesdaughter

    Great! You are making so much progress!!

  7. That’s terrific. You sure did lose a lot of dead weight!

  8. Dead weight is right! Good for you!

  9. It sounds like you are becoming an even stronger woman! Congrats!
    ~Michelle (ICLW)

  10. How amazing! I’m so happy for you, I truly am! I can’t believe, well YES I can, that you have come SO far in such a short amount of time. It just show how ready you were to become YOU!

  11. Perfect moment! What a wonderful realization :-).

  12. Good for you! We should all realize we do not need to be “rescued” but have faith in ourselves.
    Happy ICLW

  13. It’s a real turning point when you realize you CAN do things without a man’s help. I had a similar experience years ago when I finally broke up with my very manipulative first serious boyfriend and subsequently installed my own blinds. 🙂


  14. That is great progress! You don’t need Mr. X at all! I’m sorry you had car troubles though.

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