just because

While I’m trying to work out some heavy stuff in my head, I thought I’d copycat some of my bloggy idols like Murgdan and Wiseguy and let you know how the internets at large find their way to this here blogging space.  Below are some of the actual search terms used to find yours truly:

“my parents are social worker” Um, ok.  Not sure what that has to do with me, but, maybe they can find you a good grammar teacher.

“murgdan” Now, seeing as this post is the first time I think I’ve mentioned her, I think this one is really weird.  (They must have found her name in the comments.)  Somebody must have been REALLY disappointed when they got here and found out it wasn’t her blog, but mine, instead.  Murgdan, honey, I think you have a stalker.

“verbal abuse get a fucking real job” Now, this one is quite lovely, don’t you think?  I’m not really sure what it means, though.  Is it the verbal abuse that’s supposed to get a real job, the abuser, or the abusee?  Very confusing, and the answer could really impact how I feel about this one.  It remains a mystery, however, and is likely to remain that way.

Now for my all time favorite search term (at least up until this point):

“how to tell a boy dog” Well, you know what they say…you can always tell a boy dog, you just can’t tell him much, yuk, yuk, yuk.

Heavy, angst-filled posting to return when I get my head wrapped around whatever it is it’s trying to wrap itself around, ‘k? 🙂


10 responses to “just because

  1. I doubt anyone was disappointed. 🙂 I get other names too…which I always find strange as my comments aren’t actually on the page.

    Oh well.

    I have a boy dog. And I can tell. Even though he doesn’t have any balls.


  2. Blogging Idol? Oh my! Why, that’s like a really huge compliment…even though I believe that Mugdan is way ahead of me in bloggy excellence!

    But thanks…I am grinning right now..so all the extra RBCs I am adding is because of you…

    Just wait for a few more days, and people would find you thinking that you have written about ‘how to tell a boy elephant’!

    There is no end to what people intend to read about when they reach our blogs, really!

  3. Take your time. We’ll wait!

  4. It’s me again…Like I said on your ABCs post that I would come fishing again…so here I am!

    Can’t hurt to say Hi!


  5. Gotta love the Google Soup….People search for the strangest things! lol

  6. Funnily enough, I was planning on writing a post inspired by search word terms today too. Don’t you just love some of these strange search terms?

  7. HA! Too funny! When you post about your heavy stuff, I hope your shoulders feel lighter. I’m praying for peace and nothing but happiness for you, my friend!

  8. Those are awesome. I haven’t gotten any blog worthy searches yet – though lots of people seem to search for “Who is looking for me?” As if the internet could tell them.

    Sorry for my extended absence. I am trying to catch up this week. I hope you’re well.

  9. Wow! I think i’ll try that myself!! Anyway, I actually came across your blog through the amazing ICLW list! i have read your journey and I have no words…I know it takes courage and obviously you have plenty. i wish you’ll overcome soon the emotional violence you suffered. Here’s my virtual hug. Lots of love, Fran


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