show and tell: father’s day gift for the successful dad

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As a decidedly non-crafty type person, I am really proud of the gift I gave my dad this year for father’s day.  The original idea I had was just to do something with this poem that he really loves that had been on this old plaque from Hal.lmark (like from 1980?) hanging in his and my mom’s bathroom.  Mom told me that we couldn’t get rid of it because he loved it so much, but the plaque had definitely seen better days.  I had some very un-creative ideas about how to re-display the poem, but then I talked to my younger sister, who is as crafty as Kristin, and she walked me through how to do the project you see below.  We bought a frame with a matte built in, and got some scrapbooking rub-ons (who knew that this whole scrapbooking world existed?  or what the heck rub-ons even were?) for the words.  I re-typed the poem on the computer and printed it out on fancy paper, and voila!  The masterpiece you see below was finished!  The top left hand corner has his name, but since I’m all secretive and stuff, I have it hidden. 🙂  Feel free to steal the framing idea to use as your own.  Those rub-ons are awesome!


(“Papa”  is my dad’s grandpa name.)

Here’s the poem:

What is a Successful Man?

If a man has a mind of his own and a heart that feels for others…

If he has an ability to work hard and to relax completely…

If he has a strong devotion to ideals and principles, but respect for those that differ from his own…

If he has the wisdom to preserve what is good about the past and the vision to seek a better future…

If he has pride in everything he does and everything he is…

If he has purpose in his life and love in his world…

Then he is truly a successful man.


14 responses to “show and tell: father’s day gift for the successful dad

  1. Awwww…. so thoughtful AND creative. What did your dad do/say when you gave it to him?

  2. i love the poem and you did a great job putting everything together. definitely a masterpiece!

  3. What a beautiful gift!

  4. I love gifts like this. This means more than anything you could go out and buy.

  5. I bet your dad loved it! Nice work!

  6. What a thoughtful gift–and it came out so nice! Great job.

  7. Oh very nice (and crafty). I’m sure your dad was over the moon.


  8. Very cool. What a great gift. I bet he loved it.

  9. Beautiful! I love the poem…

  10. Beautiful! I love the poem…
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  11. Aww I love it! You did a great job!
    I’ve tried scrapbooking a few times and the reason why I love it so much, is that everything is done for you! Almost like a puzzle, just put it all together. It’s really not that difficult and I have about as much talent as that painting elephant you’ve seen on TV. Probably less…

  12. Wow, that is beautiful! Great job!

  13. Wonderful! I may have to steal that poem for my dad… You did a great job for someone who claims to not be very crafty!

  14. Very beautiful!
    And I loved the poem too!

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