well THIS sounds kind of fun…

I am a big fan of Miss Conduct–also found here–as well as a certain amount of misconduct, but that’s a different story.

She’s having a very fun-sounding geeky-kind of contest, the specifics don’t really seem to match my abilities, which is not to say I won’t give it a shot.  All in the privacy of my own home of course.  Unless I come up with something good.  In which case I’ll enter and tell you all about it, but I really don’t expect my creative juices to flow in that direction, but one never knows (was that a run-on?).  Anywho…I’m sure some of YOUR creative juices flow in that direction, so enter, but tell me about it, too, because I love this kind of stuff.

And I love Miss Conduct.  And you should, too.

I mean, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Or whatever.


2 responses to “well THIS sounds kind of fun…

  1. I wish I were better at that sort of thing. Limericks are about as complicated as I get.

  2. That is one cool contest. I may just enter.

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