show and tell: my new keychain

For this week’s show and tell I wanted to show off a little present I bought for myself a couple of weeks ago when I was having a particularly bad day:


I had spied this little treasure in the local Hal.lmark store in the mall and had thought that I might get it at some point.  Now Miss Famous is pure mutt, but she looks a lot like the dog on the border collie version of this keychain (at least when she doesn’t have her summer haircut going on), so you might be able to see why I was so tempted.  The keychain is made to seem like a little charm bracelet chain, with several little charms on it.  The dog charm has a nice weight to it, and (I’m way over in the crazy dog-person camp with this one) it kind of brings me some comfort sometimes, like a little piece of Miss Famous is with me.  Cheesy, I know, but that’s me.

They had a crazy number of breeds available, so if you like it, you might want to check out your local card store and see if they have this particular display of breed-specific keychains.

To see who else is showing off the spoils from their retail therapy this week, head on over to Mel’s.

14 responses to “show and tell: my new keychain

  1. Very sweet! I so wish we could have a dog!

  2. Great key chain. I love my dogs too.

  3. I love it! It’s so cute. I wonder if there’s a keychain with a fat rat terrier on it…..

  4. Great Keychain!

    And a real mood elevator!

  5. How cute.

  6. So cute! I love it.

  7. Neat-o! I love finding stuff like that.

  8. That’s so cute! And it makes you feel good, BONUS!

  9. I’m behind on reading and commenting, but just wanted to say I love this! And I love Miss Famous, vicariously, because she is THERE for you. Pets are such a tremendous blessing.

  10. So cute. I have a brittany spaniel. They don’t usually have things of my dog. I pulled out a tshirt that we bought for our dog a few years ago. I just felt like putting it on her. Fun for me, hot for her!

  11. I love these little touchstones that give me a little bit o’ happiness.

  12. Since you confessed that you are deathly afraid of skiing, I must confess that I am a cat person.

    Actually, I love dogs too, but my husband and I work and travel a lot (b/c he’s from Italy) and it would be too hard on a dog because we aren’t home enough. But i think the keychain is really cute!

  13. This is a really cute idea! I love my black lab!

  14. I have the same keychain!!!! I love my big baby girls!

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