perfect moment monday: mexico lindo y querido

I was away most of last week.  My friend, Cherry, convinced me to go, and when I say convinced, I mean CONVINCED.  I had many good reasons not to go on vacation at this time, the best of which–I HAVE NO JOB.  But Cherry’s logic was, well, what better time to go?  If I had a job, I probably wouldn’t be able to get time off, and so…

I felt like I was mostly going to keep her company, so that she wouldn’t have to make a trip alone.  Of course, I also wanted to see her.  I had wanted to see her before I made my Great Escape (she lives about three hours from where I lived with X), but then things moved so quickly and that didn’t happen.

We talked about meeting halfway, meeting where I am, meeting where she is, etc., etc.  But this vacation (which was just theoretical for several weeks) felt like a favor I was doing Cherry, and part of me really was hoping that it would fall through.


Until someone Cherry knew in her neck of the wood suggested Ca.ncun, and it was like the sun came out from behind the clouds, the angel choir started singing, and I started getting into the idea of a vacation.

Cherry had to go to a professional conference and we really needed to get on the ball about planning this trip, so I got on the interwebs and started looking up package deals for C.ancun, and started seeing information for Isl.a Mu.jeres, which is just a ferry ride away.  I remembered hearing about this lovely island, back when I lived in Mexico (my junior year in college), and something was telling me this was the place to go.  We found a good deal (flight and hotel), and off we went.

So what is the perfect?  Well, first, Cherry in her wisdom, knew I needed this.  I needed to get away, to get out of my parents’ house, to have things shaken up a little.  Somehow just having this event on the calendar, instead of an endless sea of indistinguishable days served to motivate me better than anything else had, and the week before I left I had my most productive week yet (hence the spotty posting) in the whole “getting my shit together” arena.  Suddenly time was divided into “before the trip” and “after the trip.”  I got a focus (not only because of the trip, but that’s for another post) and direction, and I feel like things were going somewhere.

What else was the perfect?  Well, Mexico.  As I mentioned, I lived in Mexico for about a year when I was in college, and going back was…amazing.  It was reviving to reconnect with that part of me, to speak Spanish everyday, to remember that part of my life from so long before I even heard the name of Mr. X.

More perfect?  Being with my amazing friend, who knows me so well.  We talked and talked and listened and were quiet and talked some more.

Still more perfect?  The last day, I woke up early, ready to come home, ready to come back to my life.


Find more celebrations of the perfection in the mundane here.

(photos to come in this week’s Show & Tell)


8 responses to “perfect moment monday: mexico lindo y querido

  1. I love that you went and had a glorious time! YAY for sun and a GREAT friend who knows you better then you know yourself. You both are VERY lucky to have each other.

  2. dragondreamermom

    I am so very happy you had a good time and found the rejuvination you needed!

  3. Yay, Cherry! Sounds like the perfect place at the perfect time.

    The best part, though, is that you were happy to come home, too.

  4. Sounds like a great time. I’m glad you got to go, nothing like a vacation to help you destress a bit.

  5. I can really identify with how reconnecting with a special friend — and with your time “before” marriage — can help you find yourself again. Glad you had such a great trip. . .and welcome back. 🙂

  6. That sounds so wonderful! Good to break the routine from time to time :).

  7. That’s great. I studied abroad as well and really want to go back. I just went on a girls getaway. It was as great as Cancun but it was a first for us ever! I am so glad you were convinced to go.

  8. rosesdaughter

    I’m glad you had a great time! I love that you got away! Break in routines are always good. 🙂

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