Honest Scrap

We take a break from our normally scheduled angstiness for a brief ICLW breather.  Not to worry, regular-readers, I’ll be back to the parsing of my past before ICLWeek is up, I can hardly resist. 🙂  In the meantime…

Jendeis nominated me for this, or awarded me with it, or whatever the proper nomenclature is.  🙂  The rules are:

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs you find brilliant in content or design.

2. Show the 7 winners’ names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they have won the Honest Scrap award.  My winners are:

Geek By Marriage


a fifth season

Conceive This!

My Pathway to Motherhood

Learning to Accept My Infertility


3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself

So here goes:

1)  I already did this meme.  On my old, defunct blog.  I’m not sure if that “counts” or not (or who would be doing the counting?), but this is my second-go round the scrap-mobile.

2)  I am at a much higher weight than when I lived in Mexico before (where I just went on vacation last week).  I felt much more comfortable walking around as I did not attract the same degree of male attention as I did when I lived there 10+ years ago.  That male gaze can be so…distressing to me.  And I definitely did not miss the catcalls.

3) I am a strong introvert and really need my alone time.

4) I still have more mig.raines than I should, but they are back to their old number of “normal for me” vs. every single day, which was what was happening before the Great Escape.  Amazing what not being verbally abused will do for the body, hmm?

5) I just found out I’m a “9” on the En.neagram.  I’m really fascinated by it and could get really into it, but I’ve got a number of things I’m working on (see: my issues, my angst, getting my shit together) as well as a couple of books I’m already working through, though I think this Enn.eagram stuff could also be helpful in a self-actualizing sense.

6) I’ve known for a long time that I’m an INFJ in the My.ers-Bri.ggs personality typing.  Actually I used to think I was an “e” for extravert, but that is total baloney.

7) If you couldn’t tell from the last two items, I am really into what makes people tick, be it their innate personality, experiences they have had, traumas that have happened to them, etc.  Probably because I’m a 9.  And an INFJ.  Ha.

8) I am trying to stay far, far away from the Tw.ilight books, mostly because they have been likened to “crack” by several people I know.  A friend of mine wrote on f.acebook that she wished she could just open up a vein and mainline them.  Yeah.  I’m trying not to fall into that hole right now.

9) I graduated summa cum laude from my university.  I think I had my self worth a little too wrapped up in my g.p.a. at that point, but, whatever.

10)  I never really know when I’m going to be hit by the baby-lust.  Most of the time now I’m ok, but every once in a while, WHAM!  And then it’s like, I want to kidnap your children.  Well, maybe not YOUR children, but definitely the mom sitting next to me in the li-berry who can’t seem to take two seconds for a gentle word for her kid, but sure can jerk his arm around pretty rough and make sure his vocabulary is complete starting with all the four-letter words.  Sigh.

10 responses to “Honest Scrap

  1. Love these lists.

  2. Congrats on the award! Great lists!

  3. Love that you are happy with not getting as many cat calls, too fuuny! Thanks for stopping by my diggs and the mama brought the 4th kitty here too. In process of posting new pics…. ICLW

  4. Congratulations- you’re a wiener! Oops, misspelled something. 🙂

  5. I love the word “baby lust”. It’s perfect.

  6. I’m an INFJ, too! You must be an amazing, beautiful person 🙂


  7. Those photos are breathtaking

  8. #9 – that’s something to be proud of!
    and #10, yeah. It really annoys me watching parents not seeing their young kids. Like this woman with her 3 year old at the vet. Mother told girl to sit, girl tried climbing on chair [mother wasn’t paying attention], unsuccessful. mother cross at girl.. Actually the worst was coming to a place like that empty-handed. What exactly do you expect your 3 year old to do?? [and she was all the time at the girl for this and for that]

    And thanks for the tag! :-).

  9. Er…wot is a “tag”?

    Once I have one…wot do I do with it??!!

    We are slow in the country!!!

  10. Thanks for the honest nod in my direction. Sending you the best!!!!

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