show and tell: my kind of therapy

The  rest of the class is in group therapy session over at Mel’s.  See what they’re up to why don’t you

Something I’ve noticed around the blogosphere, in my life, and around the world in general, is that lots of us are in need of therapy, and good therapy is in short supply.  Well, I believe I have found a solution for many of you out there.  This particular solution is somewhat radical , but I have found that it really works for me.  Your own experience may vary, depending, of course, on the therapist, I suppose.  Good therapists of this type are not as hard to find as good traditional therapists may be.  In addition, these kinds of therapists are easier to discern off the bat if they are right for you or not than traditional therapists.

This type of therapy does take a willingness to let down one’s guard, so to speak, and allow the therapist to do what they do best…




Small Poster


There’s also this (you won’t regret it!).


11 responses to “show and tell: my kind of therapy

  1. Cute! It just might work!

  2. Just my kind of therapy! I love it!

  3. Oh how cute…I love it!

  4. I use this therapy every day with Lulu

  5. That is the best type of therapy!

  6. Where can I sign up? How adorable!

  7. Love that kind of theropy!

  8. thehappyhours

    Oh my favorite kind of therapy!

  9. Oh, I miss having pets! They are definitely the best kind of “treatment” for whatever ails you.

  10. That’s cute. For my cat’s it’s I’ll walk all over you until you agree to snuggle for a while.

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