So, first, I want to tell you how hard it is for me to put this out there and actually ASK for this.  Really, really hard.  Just to let you know up front.  Second, I’m not really sure how to ask…if I were standing in front of you, or on the phone with you, I would just do the blurt method and just hope you didn’t think that I sounded too dumb or too new agey or old agey or naive or whatever.  But this is a blog, and there is no blurting in blogging–or not much for me, anyways.  I tend to overthink what I write (please PLEASE don’t write in the comments that you couldn’t tell! Ack!).

So my request is for your prayers or thoughts or energy or meditation or whatever it is that you DO if you do something of that nature.  And thank goodness that I don’t have to come to you asking for that for someone’s physical health (though, in that case, I probably wouldn’t be shy about it at all).  I am ever so grateful that those near and dear to me are safe and sound.

What I really, really, REALLY need is for my house to sell.  This house is holding me, binding me to X, and it seems that he is doing whatever he can to sabatoge its sale and drag us both down with it.  There will be an open house on Sunday.  My realtor stated that he didn’t understand why we haven’t had more interest in the house, that it really didn’t make much sense to him.

So please take a few moments to put some thoughts, prayers, energy–whatever your vocabulary is–toward asking that the universe send someone to buy my house.  It will mean freedom for me.


10 responses to “request

  1. May you extract from Mr. X with ease and grace. In all ways.

    May you release all that no longer serves you.

  2. Sending you lots of prayers and peace. I hope that house sells and you can be free from Mr. X.

  3. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Hoepfully the house will sell soon!

  4. Praying hard that the house sells soon!

  5. Sending you many many postive wishes for a quick sale of the house and much peace to follow once you are completely free of Mr. X. thinking of you. Hugs to you.

  6. Will be praying for you for a quick sale of the house!

  7. Putting you at the top of my Shabbos candles list. You deserve all the peace and strength and love in the world.

  8. Done, and will continue to do so until we receive word you have been released from this burden.

    I know it’s hard to ask for help. I hate to do it too. But, it shows so much strength and grace to ask for help when you need it than to become mired down in the muck and mud. We all need help, some in bigger ways than others, but we ALL need it.

    We (the ALI community) are always here and are just a few keystrokes away anytime you need anything.

  9. Totally rooting for good money to flow in, and good riddance too!

    And I want want want Mr. X to disappear or to cause you no more pain!

    Hold your strength!

    Good Luck!

    And yes:

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