show and tell: floored

On Sunday night, everyone in the house was asleep (for those who don’t know, I’m living at my parents’ house right now).  I was ready for bed and had gotten a glass of water and was on my way to my bedroom for the night, barefoot.  As I was walking on the rug outside my bedroom door, I noticed it felt damp.  I remembered that it had felt somewhat damp a couple of days before, and I had thought that my niece had probably spilled something on it.  Well, now it felt REALLY wet, so I decided to take a better look.

Turns out there was a leak.  The new AC unit my parents had installed just a few weeks ago was leaking, and leaked all over the new flooring they had installed just a couple of months ago.  So now the floor in the hallway outside my bedroom looks like this:  IMG_1188

Apparently, lots of water + laminate flooring does not equal a good combination.  So they are testing out their homeowners insurance (which thankfully has given them great treatment in the past).  Meanwhile, because of the industrial strength fans, it feels like we are living in a wind tunnel until the leak gets fixed and the new floor gets put down.











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14 responses to “show and tell: floored

  1. Yikes. That sucks. I remember my mom’s furnace/AC would do something like this every so often. It often happened when it had been really hot and the AC had been on a lot. Hope that this is a one time thing though for your parents.
    What a cute doggy.

  2. How is the dog holding up with all the fans? Loving them or hating them?

  3. That doesn’t sound like fun at all. Hope the insurance doesn’t give them any problems over this claim.

  4. Aw, MAN! I hope the homeowner’s insurance comes to the rescue.

  5. i hope the insurance helps them out, we are in the midst of a similar debacle right now so i feel your/their pain.

  6. Oh, that totally sucks. 😦 Water damage is the worst. I hope your parents’ insurance comes through!

  7. What a total bummer about the new flooring! That would really ruin your day. I hope the insurance helps them out.

  8. I hope the insurance saves the day…and you all dry out soon!

  9. Could they possibly have a claim with the folks that installed the new A/C? Bummer with a capital B. Maybe you can try all kinds of fun tricks with a kite in the hallway? naahh. dumb suggestion.

  10. I was sure we were in for a story about dog pee! I hope everything works out with the insurance.

  11. Wow! What a bummer….hope the home insurance helps with repair $.

  12. Oh no! Good thing Miss Famous is there and can help fix it.

  13. what a mess. we had our hot water heat blow up on us and flood the living room before. decided that insurance wasn’t the way to go with the deductible though. Hope they come through for them.

  14. Man, that sucks. Should an A/C unit do that so soon after being installed? Maybe they should bring it up with the A/C folks.

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