lookin’ fancy

As I’m having a TR-induced “joy”-filled day, I thought I would treat you to some gratuitous Miss Famous.  A lesson from my niece:  Did you know that people accessories look lovely on dogs?  IMG_1173At least they look lovely on my dog…did you notice the bow just above her tail?

What a patient thoroughly child-tested girl she is…IMG_1177


6 responses to “lookin’ fancy

  1. She is such a good girl.

  2. She is very sweet. Can we train her to be an attack dog? Her look would be complete with a torn section of Mr. X’s man-panties hanging out her mouth!

  3. Too cute 🙂
    And she is such a good dog!

  4. She’s so cute – this made my day!! 🙂

  5. What a nice dog indeed! So glad that she is your company!

  6. How cute and yes, she is a very good girl.

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