will he or won’t he?

WiseGuy, who is familiar with the wily ways of Mr. X, asked after the last show and tell post:  If X does not cough up, will the court force him to?

I don’t know if this would be a part of the Rid.dle Ripple Effect™ or not (probably just the straight Ripple Effect, no?).

I asked this very question of my attorney, who has a very frat boy/WASPy/old money sounding name.  That is, it sounds kind of silly (when I’ve told people his name, they have to ask me again what it is, and then say, “Really?”), but at the same time, you can kind of picture him kickin’ back on the yacht in a Ralph Lauren ad.  Let’s say it’s “Biff.”  (It’s not, but that’s kind of fun, too.)  He also comes highly recommended.  But I digress.  So I asked my attorney, Biff, this question, and he was a little obtuse about the whole issue, like, “Of course, he’ll pay, the court told him to, duh.”  And I just kept asking, “But just play along with me here, Biff, what if he doesn’t?”  So after a while of this, Biff finally told me that basically X would be in contempt of court and if he showed back up in the state where the divorce is happening (neither of us are there now), he would be arrested.  The catch is: he’s going to “have to” show up for mediation and possibly the court date also (when the divorce is decided, because, let’s face it, it’s unlikely that he will be willing to mediate much).  Biff doesn’t think he’s stupid enough not to pay the money.  I think he won’t pay the money and then just won’t show up.  Biff said if that happens, then he’ll lose out on anything he wants in the divorce settlement.  Really, there isn’t much to ask for, I don’t think, once the money pit house is out of the way (and that’s a WHOLE other operetta, don’tgetmestarted) .

So to answer the wise WiseGuy: the court will try to, but I don’t think they really can.

I am looking at the whole court order thing the way another commenter, Luna, put it:  I DO hope you get to see this money, but at least you can feel justified in the meantime that this will hang over him.

Yes.  There may be an entire state he needs to avoid anyway.  We’ll see.

Maybe Biff and I should post bets.  Do you think he would gamble his fees on this one?


5 responses to “will he or won’t he?

  1. I say you gamble away! You know Mr. X and his assholery ways better then your lawyer does. You could come out WAY ahead in the end, love!

    If nothing else, you’re doing what you need to do. He’s putting up all these roadblocks and your jumping over them left and right. I can’t even tell you how proud I am of you. And how far you’ve come. Keep up the good work, sister!

  2. Nah, no lawyer would gamble his fee on a schmuck like Mr. X. However, I hope I’m wrong and you are wrong and X pays up.

  3. I have to crack up at the whole To.m R.i.ddle thing, I might actually steal that from you and start calling my ex that! Seriously!!

    We call hubby’s ex Meme (from Drew Carey) cuz she looked just like her in her “wedding photos” a few months ago – and I say “wedding photos” because her “husband” is already on the hunt for a new woman stating that “Meme” is psycho and crazy and the only reason he sticks around is for the little girl (my husband’s daughter he hasn’t been allowed to see thanks to psycho Meme) …

    So I hope you don’t mind if I start calling my ex T.om Rid.d.le – it just fits. LOL..

    I’m sorry that you are going through what you are. Divorce is always crazy and hard on several levels but I applause you on getting out! I was with my ex 5 years longer then I should have been. I should have left when I had the urge to flee just after getting pregnant with my 7 yr old. But I have to say that the feeling of relief and why the (BLANK) didn’t you leave sooner??? was almost immediate for me. I definitely healed a lot. Luckily, I ended up meeting the man I truly believe is my soul mate 🙂

  4. UGH. Sounds like you continue to have lots to manage.

    Came by to also say thanks for the Honest Scrap award. It took me a while to respond, but I was quite honored.

    Sending you more hugs and “hang in theres”


  5. Hmmm. Mr. X in jail is a nice thought. It does sound like a bunch of yuck to deal with though.

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