show and tell: people of the cookie

Show and Tell Chalkboard 2My good friend, the Domestic Wonder Woman, just visited from the Netherlands, where she and her husband, Tito, are studying for a couple of years.  The DWW and Tito had previously told me about the bounty of baked goods to be found in Holland, and also about the, um, creativity with which said goods are named.  In particular, Tito had remarked upon some particular cookies, which he translated as “Jew cookies,” something they certainly would not be named in the U.S. of A.  As my prize for being their left-behind-in-the-boring-USA-friend, the DWW brought me a package of said “Jew cookies”:

IMG_1219And here are the actual cookies, which are quite tasty and are similar to tea cookies:

IMG_1222and because of another friend, the Bread Maven, who also received Jew cookies as a gift, but for some reason didn’t want her Jewish cookie jar (can you imagine?), I have two cans!  Score!


(If anyone out there actually knows Dutch, feel free to correct Tito’s translation, though I kind of like calling them Jew cookies…)

Please check out the rest of the class over at Mel’s, where they are showin’ and tellin’ up a storm!


15 responses to “show and tell: people of the cookie

  1. I love the tired looking Jews on the label, shlepping what looks like a pile of oranges? Time to make the Jew Cookies…

  2. According to Google Translate , the translation is Jews Cake.

    Love it, btw.

  3. They look good. And I always love cookies.

  4. You get five stars for the best post title of the week!

    Very funny. And the Chosen Cookies look yummy!

  5. HA! I love it! Those silly Dutch people, lol. I sent my dad a text asking him to translate since he’s Dutch. When he texts me back, I’ll let you know. I sent him a text asking to if he cold translate it for me and his reply was “yes, I can. Why?” lol I love that man! When the smartass man that is my father replies AGAIN, I’ll let you know…lol

  6. My dad said that, like Kristin said, it’s cake, but the word is used for cookies too. So it’s BOTH!

  7. Glad the Jew cookies/cakes were yummy! Too funny.

  8. LOL…If XBox reads your blog, he may help you with the Dutch translation.

    Atleast they were tasty and what beautiful souvenirs you have now!

  9. LOL, Glad you could enjoy the jew cookies and cans!

  10. I love the pic of the men on the lable too..
    And what a funny name for cookies 🙂 [should have made them in the shape of the Star of David. LOL]

  11. Yum Yum! Show & Tell is making me hungry today! 🙂

  12. Those look like they would be fabulous with a cup of tea right now…yum!


  13. I’m just wondering what exactly makes the cookies Jewish. They do look tasty enough though!

    :: ICLW ::

  14. LOL! I thought you were going to tell us they brought you a product made with a certain type of herb still illegal in the USA. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them.

  15. Typical Dutch – they even have a creature called Black Peter who gives out gifts with Sinter Claus. Don’t yell at me people, my best buddies are Dutch and I told them if they showed up at my house looking like Black Peter I’d kick their asses.


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