domestic futures

As you probably know, I have been living with my parents for the last few months.  Actually, in looking at the date, we’re coming up on five.  Five months of living with mom and dad.

I have been very grateful for all their help, but lately (like the last two months or so), I have definitely been feeling ready to move on.  The problem is there was a disconnect between my feeling emotionally ready to move out and having all the other pieces fall in place (like, um, a job, a place to live, etc.).

My goal has been to move to the nearby Big City for a number of reasons (friends there already, Jewish community, great place to live, close to family).   The main snags in moving to Big City is a) no job yet and b) is very expensive.  In fact, when I would tell people my plans, often, many people would mention how expensive it is to live there–of course, this is compared to the place my parents live, which is EXTREMELY economical, but emotionally not really an option for me for a number of reasons.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw my good friend, the Domestic Wonder Woman.  When I saw her, one of my goals was to ask about our mutual friend, “Nanette,” or more specifically, Nanette’s house.  You see, Nanette owns a house in “my” Big City, but she does not live in it.  Nanette has a very exciting job as a stage manager for a certain company and spends much time travelling and living in other places, which apparently she likes to do, because she has been living thusly for years.  The Domestic Wonder Woman thought Nanette (her best friend from forever) would love to have another tenant (she already has one–but DWW spoke highly of her), so I wrote Nanette an email (actually a fa.cebook message) and waited for her reply.  And waited.  And waited.  (OK, it was only like four days, but it felt like an eternity.)

FINALLY, Nanette wrote back.  And this is what she said:

I squealed aloud from my desk when I read your email….(it kinda gave away the fact that I WASN’T working, oops!) I would LOVE for you to come live at my house.

And let me enumerate the benefits for you:

  • fenced in yard for Miss Famous
  • decent neighborhood
  • furnished (remember, I don’t have any furniture because I left everything behind–I had expected to have to buy everything, but now I don’t have to!)
  • and the bestest, bestest, bestest part?  CHEAP!!!  Nanette’s price is basically what I was paying for a 1-bedroom apartment in a much-cheaper city before TR and I got married (i.e. YEARS ago)–AND IT INCLUDES UTILITIES, INTERNET, AND CABLEhouse

There are still some logistics to work out, not the least of which is, when I will actually move in.  I’d like to move in tomorrow, but I can’t do that without Mom and Dad’s help before getting a job, and I don’t know how up for that they’d be.  Meanwhile I am applying for jobs like a madwoman.  The good news is, I won’t feel so crunched if all I can get is one of the lower paying jobs, as my rent/utilities/etc. are! so! low!  And this in the “expensive” city!

I know it isn’t perfect (what is?).  I would prefer to not have a housemate, and when Nanette (infrequently) blows through town, I’ll probably need to give up my bed to her.  But, really, it would be hard to get better than this.  I never even imagined I would end up in a place with a yard for Miss Famous.  And to not have to worry about furnishing an apartment from practically scratch is such an economic help as well.  I am so excited, I can’t even tell you.

Now I just need a cotton-pickin’ job.

11 responses to “domestic futures

  1. It looks and sounds perfect to me!!! I so hope it works out for you and Miss Famous!!

  2. OMG, I am so freakin’ excited for you! Woohoooo

  3. This is just so awesome! What a cute little house! I am guessing it is a one bedroom if you had to give up your room when she blows into town? I am excited for you girl!!! WOOO HOOOO! Good luck getting a job!

  4. Terrific! I wonder if Nanette is in my town right this moment! I want to give her a hug for helping you out and being so gracious about it.

    May the perfect job come to you just as easily.

  5. This sounds absolutely fabulous. It’s like things are falling into place as you need and are ready for them. I hope that the timeline of everything works out well and that soon you have a job that is workable for you and that soon you’re in your own space.

  6. Might I suggest a temp agency? they can do the job of looking for work for you. That might get things started – and often they have long term assignments. Also invest in an Aerobed so if your friend comes home,you still have a bed to sleep on.

  7. The house looks gorgeous! I am so excited for you two!!

  8. WOOOHOOO!!!! That’s awesome news! A fenced yard for Miss Doggie, CHEAP, AND you gt to room with a friend! That’s all great news!

    I hope you can get in there soon.
    P.S. YAY for a new category. Things just seem to be falling into place for you. After so much hard work and so much emotional struggle it’s all working out. I’m SO happy for you!

  9. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
    Oh, I am soooo happy for you :-).

  10. What a beautiful home! And I am so glad that you get to have your own space from now on!


    Thank you so much for the lovely words you wrote for my poem. And why are you not surprised?

    Thank you for your constant encouragement!

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