show and tell: like cats and dogs

Show and Tell Chalkboard 2My niece, who also lives with my parents, recently adopted a stray cat.  This cat used to belong to a former neighbor who owned many cats, so many that we referred to her as, yes, the Cat Lady.  Well, the Cat Lady moved, and this particular cat was left behind.  My niece started feeding it when she discovered it staying in a ditch on an empty lot a few houses down from ours.  When I say she was feeding it, I mean to say she would take lunch meat from the fridge on the sly (and some water, of course) down to the cat and feed it in some of Mom’s plastic dishes.  She has named the cat Lily.  This is not a pseudonym, by the way.  My niece started referring to Lily the Cat as “her” cat a while before being given permission to bring it to the house.  Lily the Cat is an outdoor cat, which is good, as Miss Famous rules the roost inside.

And, oh, Miss Famous lervs Lily.  Miss Famous is fascinated with Lily the Cat, who is very sweet and will let you pet her until your hand gives out.  And interestingly, Lily has a tolerance for Miss Famous.  IMG_1226Lily has only run from Miss Famous when her dogginess has approached the feline at a full run.  Otherwise, Lily the Cat’s normal mode of behavior is to lie down and submit to being sniffed.  IMG_1230To my knowledge, she has only swatted at Miss Famous once, and the claws were not out.  Of course, Lily does tolerate Miss Famous better if a human is around to pet her during the ordeal, but still!IMG_1232

Now, from what I hear, the antics of Miss Famous and Lily the Cat do not compare to the goings on of a cat and a dog found in the house of a certain other blogger, but until that blogger provides us with some photographic, or even better, videographic evidence, we are stuck with these two–Lily the Cat and Miss Famous.*IMG_1239

Miss Famous is feeling much better, thank you for all those who were concerned.  (She strained her shoulder when let off the leash by my niece and ran after some deer.  After a few days of R&R, good as new!)

Check out what the rest of the class is showing and telling over at Mel’s.

*The thing Miss Famous is wearing is not a torture device nor a muzzle, it is a Gen.tle Le.ader.  The girl is all muscle and pulls like nobody’s business!  The GL helps a lot and doesn’t hurt her.


10 responses to “show and tell: like cats and dogs

  1. You know cats and dogs are not meant to live in harmony…they are supposed to fight it out like crazy and spill blood.

    Maybe Lily and Miss Famous did not read the script. 🙂

    Thank you for liking the new design of my blog…I was really bored of the white background and did not want a heavy template…

    No, these poems are not mine. But they are mine, because I love to read and imagine their intensity. It is delicious.

  2. How cute! And, I promise, I will try my best to get a video. Right now they never seem to play when I have my camera around.

  3. oh my! Miss Lily looks EXACTLY like my Methos. Just in case you ever want to know her breed, she is a Lavender-point Snowshoe Siamese – expensive kitties, but they have the biggest hearts ever. Methos owned the house the minute he walked in at 6 weeks old and that was that – neither dog nor any of the cats could boss him. He was an indoor/outdoor kitty – there was no keeping him in. Loved him! And I love the pictures of Lily and Miss Famous- so cute together!

  4. Such lovely animals! Long ago, before I developed an allergy to cats, we used to have a cat and a pomeranian… the cat would chase the dog around the house all day long. It was hilarious! I love it when cats and dogs get along!

  5. Thanks for this – it warmed my heart. Your dog is beyond cute!

  6. I am going to get a Gentle Leader – I have so much trouble with my dog pulling. Thanks for the idea! I am new to Blogging. . .Why do you put dots bet.ween letter.s?


  8. My dog and cats played together some and mostly loved each other when Sadie was living with me. The cats LOVED the dog, especially Luna. Sadie liked the cats but if they tried to get too lovey dovey she would growl a bit. Strangely my cats have never been bothered by Sadie even after being seperated from her for a couple of years but they hate other dogs.

  9. I owned a cat, he was sooooo mean. Lily is just adorable, makes me think about reconsidering my stance on kitties! Thank you for sharing these fluffy love bugs with us.

  10. They are so damn cute together!!!
    And what a pretty cat Lily is! (goes without saying that Miss Famous is beautiful as she looks very much like my Sky :-))

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