show and tell: packin’ it up

Show and Tell Chalkboard 2This week’s show and tell find’s me packing up my few belongings (see: how I shed much of my stuff when I shed my abusive husband) as I will be moving out of my parents’ house in two days.

In case you didn’t quite catch that:


Ahem, excuse the shouting.  Followers of this blog know that this is a day for which I have been preparing for some time, and really, didn’t know when it would come.  In the last two weeks or so, everything just came together.

So see Miss Famous overseeing the always overwhelming packing experience (even when you don’t have much stuff it’s overwhelming):IMG_1264

I have a pretty sweet deal for my new place (stay tuned for next week’s S&T for more deets on that–like pics from INSIDE the house, imagine that!), and I just got a job that wants me to start this coming Monday.  So I’m starting up in my new city with just a weekend to settle in, but that is just fine with me.

And this just may be the most link-happy S&T I’ve ever done. 🙂

See what everyone else is showing and telling over at Mel’s.


15 responses to “show and tell: packin’ it up

  1. Hooray! Hope all of the transitions are smooth for you and for Miss Famous.

  2. Glad to see things are finally falling into place for you.


  3. Congratulations on your new life!

    I can relate to living with parents, although technically we live next door. My DH has been out of work since last November, so we had to move into a house my mom owns (which happens to be next door to the one she lives in). While I do love my mom, living next door to her is not a good idea for me. We are definitely looking forward to the day when DH gets a new job and we can start the process of reclaiming our lives.

    Looking forward to seeing next weeks S&T from you!

  4. While you’re manifesting all your dreams, would you work on a winning lottery ticket for me?

    (Admittedly, an uphill manifestation since I don’t play!)

    So happy for you. And you look way too organized.

  5. That is so exciting! Next phase of life

  6. Wooohoooo…I am so damned happy for you! And, while you are winning a lottery ticket for Lori, can I have one too?

  7. Congrats for the new job and the new city. Glad things are coming together for you. Good Luck settling in.

  8. Parents are lovely… from a distance. I’m glad that things are getting back on track for you!

  9. Great picture! I love linky posts!

  10. And I wish you much luck with the adventure!

    Never look back!!!

  11. How exciting! I’m so happy that you found a place AND a job! How much do YOU rock?! (ppsssttt…SOOOOO MUCH) You’re an amazing woman and I couldn’t be more happy for you if I tired.

    How weird is it, that I’m on the verge of tears because I’m so happy and proud of you?!

  12. I second Mrs. Gamgee, lol. Congratulations!!

  13. Suzanna Catherine

    Glad everything is coming up roses for you! You deserve it.

  14. Yay!!! Happy moving and I hope the first day of your new job is fabulous.

  15. good luck with the move…and your new lease on life! adorable doggie by the way

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