perfect moment monday: laughin’ it up

Perfect momentMy perfect moment came as I was taking a break from unpacking.

I sat down to some mindless downtime on the internets and found myself laughing out loud (yes, they were lolcats if you must know) in my beautiful new bedroom (check back on Wednesday for Show & Tell for the photographic evidence), in my new home (away from mom and dad) the day before I start my new job, far, far, far away from that abusive man (we won’t even mention his pseudonym tonight).

Pretty darn perfect.


10 responses to “perfect moment monday: laughin’ it up

  1. Perfect, and well deserved.

    When’s the housewarming? I’ll bring a bottle of wine.

  2. I agree with Lavender, perfect AND well deserved! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait until Wednesday!

  3. Sounds great. Nothing like those goofy cats to make you laugh. I love stuff like that. I had a show and tell post of a youtube video of cats that I just loved. Its if you want to see it.

  4. Fantastic!

    Wishing you many such happy moments to come! You are on your way, lady!

  5. that indeed sounds like a PERFECT Moment.

  6. It does sound perfect! — enjoy!!

  7. It sounds like your Perfect Moment is a fresh new start.

    In tarot, this would be symbolized by The Fool card, which means the beginning of a new journey, a new chance, stepping off into the unknown and relying on faith to take you forward.

    Enjoy this exciting energy as you step into your “new” life and look for opportunities along the way.

    It’s an exciting time. Good for you…and thanks for sharing!

  8. Absolutely PERFECT and I’m so glad you have gottena little bit of much deserved happiness.

  9. Not sure how Miss Famous feels about lolcats, but for you the whole thing sounds fantastic.

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