show and tell: in my room

Show and Tell Chalkboard 2The long awaited showing and telling of my new place has come!  (Long awaited may be a bit of a stretch, but I am excited to show the photos at any rate!)

I showed a pic of the outside of the house in a previous post.

I actually only have photos of my bedroom for this week’s show and tell.  I thought I would have time to get nice shots of more parts of the house, but with the unpacking, the starting the new job, the raining all weekend long, there just wasn’t a) time b) good light for outdoor shots and c) I’m feeling lazy and/or emotional.  Also, this gives me plenty of ammo for future show and tell times when I draw a blank. 🙂  See, win::win!

What I do have are some lovely shots of my lovely bedroom.  I moved in the big white chest of drawers, so don’t blame my friend if it looks kind of crowded.  Basically, everything else design-wise is hers (it’s really her room, I’m just staying in it while she is far away–see that other post for the details):IMG_1280




See what the rest of the class is showing and telling over at Mel’s!


22 responses to “show and tell: in my room

  1. What a lovely, peaceful room. Miss Famous looks quite at home.

  2. Oooh, it looks so clean and crisp and cozy and bright! I just want to crawl into your bed with a good book and a cup of tea. 🙂

  3. Pretty room. Nice and airy looking.

  4. I love love love the white bedroom and the windows. Its bright and happy.

  5. Qué maravilla! Estoy feliz para tu.

  6. Oh, it looks so beautiful and peaceful…just how a bedroom should be! I love it! Thank you for sharing. Congratulations on your own space!!!

  7. I love the white with splashes of color!! It’s looks like a nice peaceful place to relax at the end of the day!

  8. What a lovely room :-). I love it! (and I thought it looks rather spacious)

    and Shana Tova to you too my dear!

  9. Beautiful!!! It is serene…a place for a cozy night…a place where one can lie on the bed and listen to the rain falling hard outside!

    Love Miss Famous’s cushion…everything looks soft, welcoming!

  10. Beautiful! Better Homes and Gardens worthy, in my opinion. Unlike my bedroom at the moment, which looks like I let the dogs in the house, but I don’t.

  11. It looks like Miss Famous approves! I love the chair, it looks very comfy. I love it, I hope you’re enjoying it, too!

  12. In love with the new place! Looks like Miss Famous likes it too! (I especially love the little basket of her toys next to her bed.

    The chest looks great in the room. It’s so clean and white, a great place to make your new start!

  13. I love your room, it looks like a great place to relax! And it looks like Ms. Famous loves it too. 🙂

  14. Very nice!! And every time I see Miss Doggy, it puts a smile on my face. 🙂

  15. Looks like a wonderful place to sit and think and do some writing…love all that natural light.

    Doggy looks happy about the move

  16. I love how clean and crisp it looks. It looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book in bed.

  17. That room is simply beautiful. I love the white. I couldn’t have that. My DH has grubby hands!

  18. Very nice. It looks like such a nice cozy room.

  19. what a comfy room. thanks for sharing

  20. Room looks really nice! You will have some nice, relaxing times there 😀 Looking forward to seeing more photos!

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