this basically says it all…



8 responses to “this basically says it all…

  1. Aaaaaaw…you can do it.

  2. You CAN do it! And that is the cutest pic ever! Barring all the ones of Miss Famous.

  3. I completely understand!!!!

  4. So true. Hang in there. Hugs to you.

  5. I hear ya, sister! Dirty told me last night “all you need to get through life is, make to tomorrow.” It hit me in just the right spot. It made things a little bit clearer. Maybe it’ll do the same for you.

  6. Oh I so know that!

    Shana tova!

  7. OMG! I am just now catching up on your blog and you have taken HUGE steps! Of course there will be a transition period – you have been through so many changes in the past 5 months, that moving out of your parents’ house is bound to be a little discomforting. Keep looking in the mirror, you! You have taken amazing, AMAZING strides and I am really proud of you and impressed and totally psyched! You are one strong lady!

  8. I love the pick! It’s sooo true : )

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