show and tell: back in the backyard

Show and Tell Chalkboard 2First off, a word of explanation.  If you don’t know already, I am an old blogger with new digs.  I am working on getting my old posts moved over, after I change some identifying information. 🙂  I had some privacy issues last week and had to shut down the old place, which had a title that spoke of one be.coming, well, whol.e.  So that’s me, just with a new look.  If you don’t recognize, me, you may notice the dog, who now goes my Miss Famous.

Now that THAT’S out of the way.  Welcome to show and tell!  I recently moved.  If I had my old posts, I would link here to some posts telling you all about my move, yadda, yadda.  Long story short–I had to stay with my parents for a while after leaving my abusive husband.  Now I have a job in a lovely new city, not too far away from my parents (but far enough, ya know?).

So one of the really nice things about where I’m staying (in my friend’s house–she’s renting me a room while she’s elsewhere), is the lovely backyard.  It’s fenced in, though I haven’t allowed Miss Famous to test its holding capabilities.  She is a bit of an escape artist.  At any rate, it’s lovely, and we have had a few nice times throwing the ball (me) and running around (her).IMG_1283


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18 responses to “show and tell: back in the backyard

  1. What an amazing backyard. I bet Miss Famous loves it there.

  2. That looks like a good space for a doggie to run.

  3. Do the charms of your new abode never end? There’s nothing like a shady, grassy yard that’s still dappled with some sunlight.

  4. My Lucy is a runner as well. She can get out of anything.

  5. What a great yard. I know Miss Famous is going to love it.

  6. Aww, Miss Famous is adorable. I bet she is loving being able to run around.

  7. I’m such an animal lover! Miss Famous is gorgeous! 🙂

  8. There is only one word for that backyard… lovely! Miss Famous is a lucky puppy!

  9. Nice digs! When’s the open house BBQ?

  10. It looks beautiful!

  11. Totally love the backyard…I love the way the sunlight weaves in!

  12. Beautiful pup and beautiful backyard. Love the new digs!

  13. Lovely backyard! And Miss Famous looks as thought she’s having a blast! Glad you’re still enjoying the new house 😀

  14. That is an awesome back yard. Miss Famous looks happy, friendly and active!

    I’m glad you’ve found a new home — online and in real life!

  15. Huge yard! It looks like a great place.

    Um…just to be on the safe side, put an extra period in the middle of the word any time you use part of your old title. Just in case in terms of googling.

  16. Miss Famous is darling! My dog is jealous of the fenced yard- he’d retrieve a tennis ball until he passed out if allowed to. 🙂

  17. Looks like a wonderful back yard. Perfect for Miss Famous.

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