So tell me, WHY did I write so much?

I am in the process of going through all my old posts, not just from the most recent blog, but also from the very first blog (which probably nobody even remembers, though it wasn’t all that long ago, as I haven’t even been blogging for a year, yet–but, yes, I DID learn how to bring all the blogging together).  This is quite the emotional process, but it’s also very strange, to read the words that I wrote such a short time ago.  I am astounded by my own naivete.

I am just now getting to the beginning of the posts from my 2nd blog–the one I just shut down.  These do not show naivete.  These are full of trauma and shock.  These posts are actually painful for me to read.  I can almost feel myself sinking down again into that space.

At some point I will be through with my little project that feeds very nicely into my anal retentive detail-oriented tendencies.  Marking out every reference to Mr. A or T. R. and leaving Mr. X in it’s place.

But won’t it be pretty when it’s done?

4 responses to “So tell me, WHY did I write so much?

  1. LOL@ Anal Retentive…it will be very nice….he is just a giant X!

  2. I still think he should be called Shithead – SH for short.

    Smooches sweetie

  3. Reading through your own writing can be so therapeutic. I highly recommend writing in a journal and have even incorporated it into my coaching sessions. I think blogging is very similar.

    Writing in a journal and blogging help you to take concepts and beliefs out of your mind and make them tangible, real & more easy to deal with. They aren’t just echoing around in your brain, but are in plain sight.

    Then you can deal with them more effectively…and when you put some time in between when you wrote it and when you read it, you have the gift of time, healing and wisdom to gain new insights and uncover new ideas.

    Good for you!

  4. Suzanna Catherine

    So happy to have found your new home in the blogosphere. I became quite worried when I couldn’t find you. So glad you are back! Love the pictures of your dog – no matter what you call her she appears to be a sweetie.

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