introducing: famous fridays

Here at Dreaming of Quiet Places, we (and by “we” I mean Miss Famous and I, and by Miss Famous and I, I mean, I) have decided to join the long and venerated internet tradition of Friday Dog Blogging.  But, we here at DoQP also are suckers for some good alliteration, and so we are calling our dog blogging “Famous Fridays.”  Guess why. 🙂

The photos you get to see today of little Miss Famous, are of two different occasions when she was subjected to dressed up by my oldest niece, with whom we were living until just a little bit ago.IMG_0893You see in this photo, my niece, the Whirlwind, has dressed Miss Famous up in one of her own T-shirts.  Miss Famous is very patient with playing dress-up, though saying that she enjoys it would be going a bit too far, I think.IMG_0894In this shot, you can almost see her little brain trying to say, “How much longer do I have to stand here?”  And for some reason, the Whirlwind decided to put this sticker saying, “lunch alert” on the poor doggy’s head.  She’s a good girl (the dog, not the niece).

Below, you can see Miss Famous wearing an arm “sling” of sorts that the Whirlwind had made for herself, but ended up putting on the dog.  Who knows why?IMG_1250Why, I cannot tell you, but I can tell you that the Whirlwind LOVED putting this little sling on Miss Famous–to the point that it was threatened with confiscation if she didn’t get her chores done. 🙂IMG_1248 - Copy


5 responses to “introducing: famous fridays

  1. Such cute pictures. And, Miss Famous is sucha good girl.

  2. We had a Scottish Terrier-Poodle when I was growing up and we played dress-up as well.

    My favorite outfits were a bikini and a funny vinyl Santa suit (complete with hat and beard) that we used to put on her.

    She would stand there and look at us just like the expression of Miss Famous with the t-shirt on…”Have you gotten your jollies? Can you take this off of me? Aren’t we too old for this?”

  3. looks like you and Miss Famous are settling nicely into your new bloggy land digs. Still hoping for a speedy and easy resolution to your real estate problem.

  4. That dog is so sweet. Everytime I see pictures, I just want to reach through the screen and give her a hug!

  5. I love those pictures and I am a big fan of Miss Famous. It gave me such a chucke, she’s so cute – and patient! I’m gonna join the Friday club, too.

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