show and tell: my little people

Show and Tell Chalkboard 2I’ve been feeling a little lonely for my little people, aka my four nieces and my nephew, this week.IMG_0993

Here are the oldest four during my parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary party.  The grown-ups were all inside being boring, so Aunt Me took these four out to be rambunctious where they couldn’t break anything.  They had discovered that just over the fence was a huge swimming pool with diving boards, which is what the four of them are gawking at in this photo.40th Wedding Anniv 004 - Copy

This photo was taken at that same party.  My second-oldest niece is entertaining her baby sister in a way that would make most babies cry, but the little one loves it and just laughs hysterically.DSC00108

And here is a gratuitous little person shot from last Easter, when my lone nephew is hunting eggs, and taking it very, very seriously.

See who else is taking it seriously over at Mel’s.


14 responses to “show and tell: my little people

  1. They’re so cute!

  2. Maybe a brief trip is in order? Or webcams? Very cute pictures.

  3. awwww such cute moments, thank you for sharing.

  4. Adorable! How lucky you are to have your little people close by. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the good thoughts for me from you and Miss Famous. Just picturing her wagging her whole self in my honor touches me! 🙂

  5. So cute! Love the pic of them peering over the fence! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Such cute photos! Sorry you are missing them though 😦 Will you get a chance to visit them again soon?

  7. It is a pleasure to see children do their own thing!

  8. Adorable pictures! I bet they’re missing their aunt just as much as you’re missing them. You should have a tea party for the girls and a game night for your nephew. That’ll be LOTS of fun!

  9. I left you a little something at my blog!

  10. *I* was that kid during Easter egg hunts!

    And that older sister, as well.

    Love the one of them scoping out the diving board.

  11. Nieces and Nephews are the BEST! I’m glad you enjoy yours too!

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