Mel had this post yesterday about names.

She asked about those names that we have for those children never to be conceived, those children we will never have.  She asks:

What have you done with your unused names? Do you ever encounter them during the day? Do they make you feel like you’ve gotten a warm buzz of recognition or a cold wind of emptiness? What about the ones that you came close to using but discarded for something else? What happens to you when you hear those names?

I had a name.  It was ready.  It was waiting.

Someone took it.

Not like you think.

Nobody’s child is now called by the name I had reserved.

It’s a little more complicated than that.

X’s “special friend,” who, at the time, was my friend, too, (it seemed) took the name when she converted to Judaism.  It is now her Hebrew name, her Jewish name.

She can have it.

10 responses to “names

  1. Good riddance, name.

    Sorry. That’s kind of catty.

  2. That sucks. I’m sorry.

  3. That is awful!

    Yes…she can have the name…and (if I have interpreted your use of the phrase, “special friend,” correctly), she can have him too, for that matter.

    Sounds like they deserve each other.

    Sorry about that…

  4. Damn! That sucks, I’m sorry love.

  5. Totally unrelated, I just gave you an award!

  6. He’s manipulating you again, but it sounds like he’s manipulating her at the same time. He knows just how much something like that would mean to you, and did it out of spite. You’ll get to use your name. It may be something totally different than what you picked out years ago. Mine was. It has to be a collaboration between the parents. Who knows? You may get to collaborate with a hot cowboy or a sexy italian! But the name will still be yours, cause it’ll go to your baby.

  7. I have a name. I don’t know if I will ever get to use it, but it’s there.

  8. Just came over from the lushary… sorry it’s been such complete suckage. Here’s to better days ahead.

  9. Just think though, she’ll have to think of you ever ytime someone calls her.

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