perfect moment monday: clarity

Perfect momentI have an upcoming divorce mediation that has had my brain a bit murky of late.  Distraction, (even more) frequent migraines, and a lot of dread.  A lot.

On top of all of that, not really knowing what to expect out of the mediation may have been the worst part of all (or perhaps we’ll leave that honor to the possibility of seeing Mr. X).  Not sounding so perfect yet, is it?

Last week I was privileged to experience yet more of X’s crazymaking disruptions.  This has been par for the course the whole way through.  I had only one roller coaster day–the end of which I felt peaceful, and after which I had much more clarity about the whole process than before.

Progress, clarity, and peace in the midst of madness: sounds perfect to me.

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9 responses to “perfect moment monday: clarity

  1. Clarity rocks!

    Just keep your eyes on the prize. At some point in the next few months (?) you’ll be FINISHED with him. For EVAH!

  2. Although it’s an odd way to get to perfection, I’m glad you got there.

  3. Mediation is nothing, hunny! I played it up in my head before the day and it was nothing like what I expected. You just sit in a room and tell your lawyer what you want in the divorce, the slime ball ( SB) does the same, then the lawyers go back and forth with each other trying to find a middle ground you and SB can agree on.

    If you are worried about having to look at his heinous ass talk to your lawyer before that day and he should be able to juggle it around so you get there first and leave after SB does so there are no run ins.

    Deep breath! This is just one more step on your path to complete freedom!

    If you still live in fear of him he wins. Don’t give that dickhead the satisfaction. Hold your head high and your spine straight. He is nothing. You are your own woman.

    Use the mantra I used when I had to deal with my ex after I left. I would repeat it every time I got anxious or scared.
    “I am strong, I am beautiful, I am worth being loved!”

    We all love you!

  4. Oh P.S I would have i worked into the divorce decree that he is barred from making contact with you or your loved ones. No one he knows can contact you on his behalf. If you can’t get it into a divorce decree go for an injunction. The harassment he’s dealt you is more than enough for the judge to see things your way.

  5. I did mediation, but there were no lawyers involved. It went smoothly, but I was nervous beforehand as well.

    Before you walk in, take a few deep breaths, gather your energy and see how very strong you truly are.

    If it helps, imagine all of us and your family and friends sitting on your shoulders supporting you.

    You CAN do this and it will feel SO good.

  6. So glad that you are feeling clarity amidst the stress. I am thinking of you and hope the mediation goes smoothly!

  7. Wishing you continued peace; a sustained path to healing and good riddance from Sambadude.

    Keep Well. Stay sane.

  8. You are strong and brave. It’s awesome you found a bright side to this difficult time.

  9. A calm place after craziness and stress is a welcome respite. My best to you as you finalize your divorce.

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