on the couch

Not the kind of couch where you lie back and tell me all about your childhood and your mother and how does that make you feel?  That kind of couch actually sounds somewhat inviting, and is on the list for when things calm down a little (aka after mediation).  No, the couch of which I speak is just your run of the mill living room couch (or in this case, the couch in the study), where I have been sleeping the past couple of nights since my friend/landlady/world-traveler extraordinaire, “Nanette” is in town.*  Miss Famous has adjusted famously to having an extra person around to pet her, and seems to know that wherever her bed is, that’s where she’s supposed to sleep (i.e. on the floor next to me).

The Famous Bed

The Famous Bed

Other than sleeping on the couch in the study, some other things are a little bit up in the air.  I will give details soon, with a complete parsing of my every emotion along the way, I’m sure (your breathless anticipation is overwhelming, wow).

I see my acupuncturist today.  What I have to say about that is: “Yay.”  She’s a wonder worker.  Truly amazing, and I’m not sure how I would have gotten through these last couple of weeks without her.

*Part of the deal of my cheap rent is that Nanette gets to sleep in her own bed on the rare occasions that she blows through town.


2 responses to “on the couch

  1. Aww, so cute on her little bed. She looks so happy.

    We bought our dogs new beds… they loved them for a day. But the cats stole them.

  2. I hope it’s a comfy couch. Dogs are so great in that they are so adaptable. They go wherever you do without complaint. I hope things go smoothly with the mediation.

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