famous friday: lazing around

Since my return from my, um, trip last week, La Famosa and I have not been doing much (unless you count her digging my underwear out of the dirty clothes while I’m at work and leaving them spread about the room).  It’s not been my favorite week ever, so we’ve been doing a lot of this:IMG_1353 - Copy

and some of this:IMG_1396

(Sorry for the quality of that last shot.  I was covering up the flash with my hand, and then I dropped my camera and broke it before I could get a better shot off.  Guess I’m getting a new camera!)


6 responses to “famous friday: lazing around

  1. Cute pics of the puppy.

    Hit eBay for the camera. I got an incredible buy on my camera off of eBay and look at the pics it takes.

  2. Those are great pictures! Sorry you’re having such a rough week. It’s Friday, though! And that means you’re THAT much closer to the weekend!!!! YAY!!!! All ya gotta do is get through today.

  3. Lazing around is good. Lazing around with an adorable puppy is even better.


  4. She is so freakin’ cute. Sounds like a great day to me.

  5. One of my teenage boys calls this a “lazy day.” When you string a bunch of them together, it’s that much sweeter. 🙂

    Enjoy your down time. You earned it!

  6. A heavenly day with lots of doggy love!

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