famous friday: just a bit of exuberance

So earlier this week when I came home, Miss Famous gave me the full-on full-body-wag treatment…you know the one?  Where it looks like her whole body folds in half with each wag of the tail?  Of course, the camera was nowhere around, and by the time it was located, she was back on the couch chewing on her bone, something like this:IMG_1312

So, I thought I would outsmart her.  I took my camera with me yesterday and had it in my hand when I walked through the door.  Wouldn’t you know?  She was quite a bit less excited to see me…still happy, but not quite the full-body-wag (or “waggle” as my friend DD calls it).  Here’s what she gave me (cute, but I still hope to catch her in full waggle mode at some point):

And then a bit of playtime:


8 responses to “famous friday: just a bit of exuberance

  1. She is such a cutie. I just can’t get over how much my she looks like my dog when I was in high school.
    Gotta love the waggle!

  2. I love the full on body waggle! It always makes me smile when I walk in the door, no matter how horrible my day has been.

  3. I just love it when dogs have that happy wag of the tail that shakes their whole back end! That’s one happy puppy and I’m happy just looking at her!

  4. Now you see why it took me so long to get that video of the dog and cat playing together. Somehow they sense the camera.

    Miss Famous is adorable.

  5. Awww 🙂 My black lab does the “waggle” too, it’s so funny.

  6. Dude. That dog is freaking CUTE. My parents have a lab who does the same waggle and it always flays me with adorability.

  7. I love that first minute home when they are so happy to see you. She is so cute too. Lately when I get home one of my cats is often sitting in the window “waiting” for me and she jumps down to meet me at the door.

  8. my dog needs to learn lessons. she does not get excited for anyone except hubby’s dad lol

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