perfect moment monday: out

Perfect momentThis past week, I spent two evenings socializing.  I went to a Re.gina Spekt.or concert during the week, and on Friday I hung out with an old friend and some of her friends, two of whom have close friend potential.

I think I am out of the cave.

It feels good.


11 responses to “perfect moment monday: out

  1. Hope it’s sunny for you as you venture out!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself! I hope you are in a place where going out is fun and not a chore for you.

  3. Here’s to sunshine and the ability to enjoy it!

    May your old friendship deepen and may your new friendships bloom.

  4. Sometimes being in the cave is nice…but it’s the excitement of stepping back out of the cave and reuniting with close friends and family that is so very wonderful!


  5. Good for you!!!

  6. Welcome back to life my friend!

  7. kaleidoscoperefractions

    Emergence does feel good.


  8. Sounds wonderful. Good for you!

  9. Nice to see you out, looking refreshed. Glad you had a good time, with promise of more.

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