famous friday: clean those chompers!

Miss Famous is having her teeth cleaned today at the doggy doctor’s.  It’s about a year and a half past when I was first told she should have it done, so, yeah, it’s about time.

I tried to get her to pose for a picture to show you her not-so-pearly-whites, but all she wanted to do was hold hands (or paws as the case may be—note the preponderance of fluffy toe-fur):

Then she got shy:

Then she just got really bored:

So hopefully, after today, she won’t be at risk of this embarrassing situation happening to her:

I did find this one shot that kind of shows her teeth a little—she’s post-bath, hence the drownded rat look:


4 responses to “famous friday: clean those chompers!

  1. I always resisted getting my dog’s teeth cleaned and trimming her nails. But she felt so much better once it was done…and her breath was SO much better after the teeth cleaning.

    It’s a Win-Win!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I have yet to attempt to brush my dog’s teeth – am I mistaken or did this not used to be a concern years ago? I love that shy girl photo of Miss Famous. Perhaps she’s getting camera shy?

  3. The shy photo is my favorite. My bf and I was spent an hour trying to get our four dogs to take a nice picture together so I always appreciate good doggie pics knowing how hard they can be to get.
    I’m glad you have Miss Famous to help you as you start your new adventures in life.

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