show and tell: playing handsies…er, pawsies

You can see what the rest of the class is showing and telling over at Mel’s.

So for this week’s show and tell, I return to my most frequent subject:  Miss Famous.

One of La Famosa’s favorite things ever is shaking hands…er, paws.  So often, when she meets a new person, in her excitement, she’ll just throw a paw up, and it’s so cute, the person can’t help but shake it for a bit.  The problem comes when they put it down.   She does not tire of this game.  She will shake your hand for hours if you’ll let her.

Last night she did not want to let me goof around on the computer; she demanded attention.  She—well, see for yourself:

And please forgive the quality of the video.  That’s kind of what happens when you’re the co-star and the cameraman…er, person.


10 responses to “show and tell: playing handsies…er, pawsies

  1. I love the look in her eyes. Devoted and playful.


  2. Ha. My cat does this

  3. Sooooo cute! I just love her! She has got to be the sweetest dog EVER! Thank you SO much for sharing her with me, and everyone else, of course. She always makes me smile 😀

  4. Stopping by from Show and Tell to spread Thanksgiving love!

    Sending you hugs… love the blog!!!!

  5. Cats drool. Dogs rule. 🙂 Great slice of life. But hen, I’m a dog lover. A happy IComLeavWe to you. If you’re inclined, lots of dogs drawing on my daily comic blog – but no obligation…

  6. What a sweet, sweet girl! Too funny with the paw.

  7. Those cute eyes as she looks up at you. How adorable is that!!
    Hello from IComLeavWe

  8. Awww– such a good friend you have there!

  9. Very cute. My cats start chewing on the corner of my laptop and walking across the keyboard if they want my attention.

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