Lately, I am barraged by memories that I can’t share with anyone anymore.  So many memories of just the two of us.  I don’t share those stories with anyone anymore.  They are mine alone.

At some point, the angstiness will move into another mood, and I’ll have something else to post about.


7 responses to “barraged

  1. Maybe write them down in a journal? Sometimes getting them out of my head, well, gets them out of my head.


  2. Thinking of you.


  3. I know. They must be such private thoughts. I missed reading the post that you had written on your new status.

    You did not want to be like this. But always remember that to be stuck in a loveless marriage with status is worse than the position you are in.

    You are free now, and you have another chance at love, but most importantly, at dignified living.

    Take care.

  4. Face the memories. Stare them head on, whether they are good or bad memories. Don’t share them, just relive them, and when they are relived look at them and tell them that you are ok now, and you don’t need them anymore.

  5. We will be here when you come back to us. {{HUGS}}

  6. Thinking of you and hoping that you’re feeling a little better and the angstiness is dwindling. Hugs to you.

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