famous friday: clean energy

Well, there was no Famous Friday last week, as we were recovering from all the holiday joy (ahem).  This week finds me battling a sinus infection (yay for an illness treatable by antibiotics and doesn’t have the word “swine” in it!), and so there’s not much creative energy going on here, but I’ve gone into the archives for all of you.  Don’t thank me, just send chicken soup.

Speaking of energy, La Famosa is at her craziest after getting wet.  She’s kind of like a gremlin that way, but much cuter.  Here’s the evidence:

And more evidence:

And because I had too many videos of my dog, here’s another one.  Is it me, or do her tags kind of sound like a cowbell?

5 responses to “famous friday: clean energy

  1. Hope you defeat the sinus infection….and yes…Miss Famous is cute….what? You already know that? Oh.

  2. I love the one of your dog, she (he?) is like “give me more, give me more, hey don’t go anywhere, give me more!”

  3. So funny! I hope she’s taking VERY good care of you!

  4. She is so sweet and funny!

  5. Very cute videos. Miss Famous is certainly cute!

    Where is the clip of her bringing you chicken noodle soup? 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

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