show and tell: lighting the darkness

Please see what the rest of the show-er and tell-er’s are showing and telling over at Mel’s.

If you don’t know, we are in the midst of Chanukah (there are16 ways to spell it apparently!).  This holiday comes right around the time of the winter solstice (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), when things are about as dark as they’re going to get.  It is right in the midst of this darkness that we celebrate light with our festival of lights.  Each night as we light an additional candle, adding to their numbers, the light gets a little brighter, reminding us that darkness is not impenetrable, nor is it forever.

This photo below is of my Chanukah menorah (chanukiah) from last night.  It’s a new chanukiah, as I didn’t bring the other memory-laden ones I had before with me last Spring.  On the side, you can see the dreidel that Delenn gave me in the dreidel exchange.

May you find light in your darkest nights this winter.


18 responses to “show and tell: lighting the darkness

  1. It is absolutely beautiful. Happy Chanukah.

  2. How pretty! Sorry to reduce your religious holiday to just pretty. It’s beautiful! Happy Hanukkah!

  3. That’s a beautiful message, and a beautiful menorah. Wishing you all the very best during this winter season.


  4. I love your chanukiah! Also loving those cool candles!

  5. May you find light in your darkest nights this winter.
    What a beautiful message to go with that stunning picture. Happy Chanukah my friend!

  6. Thank you, and you too! A lovely photo and menorah.

  7. I love the tradition of Chanukah, and that is a beautiful menorah. Happy Chanukah!

  8. Lovely! Thank you for sharing and many blessings to you as well.

  9. I hope the light in darkness is especially meaningful for you this year. Beautiful!

  10. The Tao: when something reaches its extreme, it begins to become its opposite.

    I love the June and December contrasts of light and dark.

    Peace and light to you, QD.

  11. Happy Chanukah sweetie! I wish you lots of light when everything seems so dark.

  12. Beautiful picture…

    I love the message: “darkness is not impenetrable, nor is it forever.” It’s a great reminder.

    Happy Chanukah!

  13. Well, I hope you wake up to a beautiful sunny morning making its way into your room…..

    And I will use the spelling [:)] I know of: Happy Hanukkah!

  14. What a beautiful site! Also glad to see your dreidel arrived safe and sound 😀 Happy Chanukah!

  15. wow, that is the most beautiful menorah i have ever seen! wishing you and yours a very happy chanukah.

  16. That’s beautiful. I like the thought or meaning behind it too. That the darkness isn’t forever.
    Happy Chanukah!

  17. 16 ways.. wow! (and the first comment mentioned even more possible ways to spell it..)

    I love your interpertation (don’t think I heard that beore).
    May the days of darkness be behind you! And of course Happy Hannukah!!

  18. That is the most beautiful menorah. What a beautiful festival to have in the dark time of year – am relieved there are so many spellings of Hannukah, pretty sure I spell it differently every time.

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