famous friday: the green monster

Today, I would like to introduce you to the Green Monster, La Famosa’s favorite hiding spot and the place which almost made her a victim of dogicide on Monday night.  (Kidding!  She was never in any real danger, mostly because I can’t catch her if she doesn’t want me to.)

Here it is, in all it’s monstrosity:

The famous one likes to pretend it's a jungle in there...

She likes to go inside it, mind you.  And there’s no physical way for me to crawl under there, too, so it’s a pretty good hiding spot.  And here’s the little rascal herself, with the Monster in the background (and pay no attention to the unraked leaves):

"I wonder where I can hide next?"

Dreaming of tramping through the jungle...

And after we come back inside, she’s wiped out.  Ignoring her owner and listening to her name called over and over is hard work!

(The towel is on the bed so that I can fool myself into thinking she’s not messing it up.  The white duvet cover is completely washable, though I’ve messed it up more than she has. 🙂 )


9 responses to “famous friday: the green monster

  1. Poor Miss Famous, she has SUCH a rough life ;o) She is ALMOST pulling off the innocent look, too…such a cutie!

  2. What a great doggie hiding spot. Of course it’s enough to make you nuts when she goes in there.

  3. It’s like a big green curtain to her, isn’t it? Her coat is so shiny and looks super soft – what do you feed her?

  4. I loved this post. She is so sweet.

  5. Too. Freakin’. Cute!

  6. What a sweet, silly girl.

  7. I love the green monster 🙂

  8. Haha. Dogs are wonderful conundrums. 🙂 I like the second picture- you can tell she’s plotting…

  9. She’s lucky she’s so cute or she’d be in lots of trouble!!

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