show and tell: help wanted–friend for miss famous

Check out what the rest of the class is showing and telling over at Mel’s.

I think my Miss Famous is an extrovert, especially with other dogs.  Which is great, except she has no close doggy friends at the moment.  I am searching  for dog-friend potential in every dog/owner we meet, but so far, no go.  The ideal friend for her would live in our neighborhood, so that get-togethers are easy.  We prefer a friend that can run around in the backyard with her…

or just hang out…

Cuddling is always good…

As are sloppy kisses…

And, to tell the truth, we aren’t actually all that picky about species…


19 responses to “show and tell: help wanted–friend for miss famous

  1. Your dog is the cutest!!!

    Congrats on your divorce and KUDOS to you for sticking up for yourself and kicking your ex to the curb.

    Lastly, happy blogoversary…I see you’ve had 3 blogs over the years. Isn’t this an AWESOME outlet??? What did we do before blogging? Just think of all those pent up emotions I never blogged about. 🙂


  2. Miss Famous is awesome! I love the collection of photos. If we were in the same neighborhood, I have two bad (in a good way) pups who would love to have her for a friend.

    Hope you find a playmate for Miss Famous very soon 😀

  3. I have a couple of young pups of the human variety who totally fit the bill.

    She’s adorable!

  4. Awww Miss Famous does need a doggie friend! Too bad we don’t live closer, Zilla and would get along great with Miss Famous. I think a road trip is in order. They could be pen pals or something ;o)

  5. This post is making me want to get a dog and move just so we can be friends with Miss Famous.

  6. Could she be virtual friends with Henry’s dog, Arf Arf Nigel?

  7.’re dog is 100% adorable..Maybe she could be virtual friends w/our dog Allie? She needs a friend too!!

  8. Now those are some freaking ADORABLE doggies. My dogs need some new friends. I’m thinking puppy playdates!

  9. Miss Famous could come visit our backyard. I would even let you come visit with her…LOL.

  10. Miss Famous is one adorable doggie! (And hey, it’s just like elementary school show & tell now–someone brought a pet!)

  11. I love Miss Famous’s capers…and she is so cute!

    I especially love that last pic of her with the cat.

    How could you do this to Miss Famous? How could you forget to tell her that she IS a dog, and cats are meant to be sworn enemies…

    • I’ve tried telling her, but she’s a little slow in this regard. Anytime she sees a cat, she whines and pulls on the leash to go play with them. Most cats are not as friendly as my niece’s.

  12. Your dog is really cute! Glad she has has nice pals to play and smooch with! I miss having a dog.

  13. Miss Famous is too cute! I hope you’re able to find some new doggie (or other) friends for her soon! Seems like she has a great personality for friend-making! 🙂


  14. I wish JuJu could meet Miss Famous – they’d be great friends I’m sure!

  15. I loved this post.
    My dog gets along with other dogs but could care less if he had friends. He would much rather snuggle with his frisbee.

  16. Aren’t dogs awesome?

    Congrats on the divorce — I too was in an emotionally abusive marriage. It took a lot to leave but I’m glad I did. Divorce was final in ’04 and I haven’t looked back since!


  17. There’s someone over at Zen of Motherhood who’s looking to find a home for a dachsund with a nervous stomach…

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