perfect moment monday: my fearless niece

My oldest niece spent the night with me last night.  In the past I have referred to her as “the Whirlwind” because of her boundless energy.  (ADHD doesn’t hurt, either.)  She was really looking forward to staying the night with me, her favorite aunt, if I do say so myself (it helps to not have three little ones age 5 or under to distract from lavishing her with attention, as the other aunt does).

We went to the mall and walked around for hours, as only an 11-year-old on the cusp of turning 12 can do.  While there, she jumped on the bungee jumping thing and did countless backflips and attracted quite a crowd admiring her skill. (Sorry for the quality of the photo; it was the only one that didn’t show her face, but you get the idea).

Today we walked around downtown, went to the park, walked around the neighborhood, where if there was anything remotely dangerous, she wanted to do it:

She is the same niece that skillfully climbed to the top of this “rock” climbing contraption in seemingly record time (not this weekend, though):

We watched movies last night and she stayed up way past her bedtime.

I asked her today what her favorite part was and she said, “Just spending time with you and being with you.”

I can’t beat that.


9 responses to “perfect moment monday: my fearless niece

  1. Nieces are great! Glad you got to spend some quality time with yours.


  2. Oh, MAN — I love that last line from her!

    I have a favorite aunt, a mom-once-removed. She was so important to me during my teen years. Your niece is lucky to have you.

  3. Oh to have that much energy. Glad you had a good time with her.

  4. Awwww how sweet! She is one very sweet niece! I’m glad you two had such fun! Way to be an AMAZING aunt!

  5. That sounds like an amazingly fun weekend with a pretty cool young lady.

  6. People tend to think you have to spend lots of money on kids when all they want to do is have your undivided attention – and with all the technology available today and all the distractions, that’s rare.

  7. Her energy and daring and enthusiasm are magnificent; especially in this day and age when kids just seem to want to sit and watch everything. Congrats to you and to her for a great day and a great relationship!

  8. What a lovely reply :-).
    Glad you both had such good time.

  9. Nope. You can’t beat that.

    She’ll always remember her special times with her Favorite Aunt.

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